Reader Mail: Hungry, Broke Miamians Aren't Into the Marlins and the New Stadium

Twitter at Bat

Waste of talent: Your profile of Marlins outfielder and prolific Twitter user Logan Morrison ("Tweeter in Chief," Gus Garcia-Roberts, March 29) makes me wonder why Morrison isn't taking advantage of his talents. God, if I had his swing, his power, and his body build, I wouldn't even have a Facebook page. The dude is funny and all, but all he does is act like a dweeb. The Marlins' new stadium is nice, and the rebuilt team will be fun to follow. But I honestly don't think new shortstop Jose Reyes is enough to lead this squad of cartoon characters to the postseason.


No money, no fans: The lack of comments from Marlins fans on this story speaks volumes. The people ain't into the stadium or the hype because they are hungry and broke! What a boner this push for a new stadium was from the outset.

Randrand Run

Cop Corruption

Blow the whistle: The article about how the small, wealthy town of Golden Beach repeatedly hires dirty cops ("Criminal Cops," Gus Garcia-Roberts, March 29) makes it clear the system does not work against criminals in uniform. These guys are in every form of government and in supervisory positions across the nation, doing evil at taxpayers' expense. It will never stop until people like Officer Tammy Valdes, who blew the whistle in Golden Beach, stand up to the thugs and hold them responsible. Once again, a good person like Valdes got screwed for standing up for her rights. Ms. Valdes, you did the right thing, and you should forget about police work. You should run for office and get rid of these same people eating away at America.


Mayor knew everything: I'm no longer amazed by politicians making statements that will come back to haunt them. In your article, Mayor Glenn Singer blames the former police chief for hiring bad cops. But the truth is that Singer was informed in a letter of the criminal activity within his police department. Singer did what he does best: He terminated the employee who brought the criminal allegations to his attention. The fact is that Singer and others were aware of the corruption within the Golden Beach PD yet they chose to do nothing. Several officers also spoke to the police administration regarding the corruption plaguing the department. Those officers were labeled as troublemakers. The administration in return lashed out against them by opening multiple bogus internal affairs investigations.


Surfside's Savior

Too old to masturbate: I read staff writer Gus Garcia-Roberts's announcement that he's seeking an open seat on the Surfside Commission ("My Seaside Lair," Gus Garcia-Roberts, March 29), and I can't believe his priority is stopping people from masturbating in public. Dude, I live in Surfside, and seriously, the guys at the beaches are more worried about their colonoscopies than sex. It's just a bunch of old guys. As for cops giving tickets to people driving 37 mph, I live on Collins and 92nd Street, and every time I come back from a run, I almost get killed by someone speeding up to 50 mph. I never see people getting ticketed for speed. If you're gonna bash a town, I think you need a more logical argument. I've lived here longer than you have, and Surfside has turned deadly unsexy in the past five years.


Gus, Gus, Gus!: I don't know Gus or if he is serious about running for commission, but we need leaders who can think independently and ask a few questions rather than follow the dictum set by the mayor, manager, and city attorney. The police department budget alone approaches $5 million; the people at 95th Street and Abbott Avenue are getting an oversize, four-story parking garage rammed down their throat; the city manager offends everyone he comes in contact with; the supposedly full-time attorney works three days a week; and the parks guy gets a take-home car. Go, Gus! Surfside is a great little town, and all of this nonsense can be reversed, but we need someone to knock some sense into government.

Clyde Barker

Lax Lifeguards

Think of the kids: After reading your story about the list of complaints against a chief supervisor of Miami-Dade lifeguards ("Drowning the Lifeguards," Francisco Alvarado," March 29), I have to ask: What confidence do you have in the safety of your children at Miami beaches? Is the lifeguard in the tower really watching your child, or is he or she reading a book, sleeping, texting, or chatting on a cell phone? I was a lifeguard many years ago and have seen firsthand that unprofessional activity occurs on a regular basis on our beaches. It takes only a few minutes for a swimmer to go underwater and drown.


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Steve Sperling
Steve Sperling

March, 2012Haulover Beach Naturists to lose parking spaces to boat ownersIn July 2010, Miami-Dade County signed an agreement with the Westrec Marina Co., present lessee of the existing Haulover Marine Center that operates the boat storage rack and launch ramps at Haulover Park, to extend their lease. This was done quietly. Lobbyist style!That agreement allows Westrec to build a boat storage building for over 500 boats in the North Beach Parking lot opposite the naturist beach. This monster boat house will be built over a portion of the parking lot and out over the mangrove and will run from the boat ramp area to the north end of the parking lot.The parking lot is to be redesigned and they claim to be adding a few parking spaces in an area north of the present paved area. However, we beach visitors will have to compete with 508 boat owners for our parking spaces.To make matters worse, the next parking lot south will be expanded for additional boat trailers as the county encourages more boat owners with trailers to visit the planned expanded boat launching ramps.This lease extension for the boat storage house not only is bad for tourism, it violates the spirit and intent of Article 6 of the Miami-Dade County Charter. For a building of this size, the Charter requires public hearings to be held and the project must be approved by a county-wide referendum vote.The north lot was designed by the Army Corp of Engineers to meet the requirements for parking spaces and access to Sunny Isles Beach and Haulover Beach. The number of parking spaces determines the ratio used to share the cost of beach renourishment using federal funds. These spaces were also to account for the lack of parking in Sunny Isles Beach as well as Haulover Beach per lineal foot of shoreline.Should this huge boat storage house project go forward, it is safe to estimate the number of parking spaces that naturists find available in the north parking lot will be about half of what is there presently.You will have to park in the next parking lot south which is Parking Lot No.1. Those parking there will find themselves walking 1/3 to ½ mile to reach their present favorable spot on the beach. With a chair, umbrella and cooler and Summer’s 90 degree weather, the walk will be for the physically fit only. The elderly and those with health problems would be endangering their life.The question is what are you going to do about it? Continue to be a beach potato or are you going to stand up for your rights? If you want to stand up and fight back, here is what you can do.Call the mayor and county commissioners and voice your opinion. Be polite!Mayor Carlos Gimenez 305 375 5071 mayor@miamidade.govCounty CommionersBarbara J. Jordan, 305 474 3011 District1@miamidade.govJean Monestime, 305 674 2779 District2@miamidade.govAudrey M. Edmonson, 305 636 2331 District3@miamidade.govSally Heyman, 305 787 5999 District4@miamidade.govBruno A. Barreiro 305 643 8325 District5@miamidade.govRebeca Sosa 305 375 5696 District6@miamidade.govXavier Suarez 305 375 5680 District7@miamidade.govLynda Bell 305 378 6677 District8@miamidade.govDennis Moss 305 234 4938 District9@miamidade.govSen Javier Soto 305 222 2116 District10@miamidade.govJoe A Martinez 305 552 1155 District11@miamidade.govJose "Pepe" Diaz 305 599 1200 District12@miamidade.govEsteban Bovo, Jr. 305 375 4831 District13@miamidade.govIf you are a tourist, tell him where you are from, why you are here and how many days you will be here and how much you are spending on your vacation. You want your parking lot back.Tell them you want the Boat Storage House moved to a different location. That you want a public hearing and a county-wide vote and you want them to abide by the Article 6 of the Miami-Dade County Charter.The former county manager tried to sneak this through the system. Don’t let them get away with it.This is a democracy. You must participate if you want your voice heard and your needs respected.Only the combined effort of the Haulover Beach visitors can stop this illegal commercialization of public lands that belong in the people.Do it NOW! Don’t put it off!Visit to sign up for Free email newsletter on this issue.

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