"Junk Cars" Text Spams Miami Phones; One Man Fights Back

If you have a Miami-area phone number, there's a good chance that in the past few months, you've received texts seeking "junk cars." The message is all uppercase in both English and Spanish and promises $400 to $450 for your clunker.

"It irritates the hell out of me," says a loyal reader we'll call Roscoe. The final straw for him was when his father, who pays for every text, received the spam. "Now they've entered my family," Roscoe says, "and that pissed me off."

So Roscoe has fought back by repeatedly calling the number and arranging to sell an imaginary car. An IT guy by day, he uses Google Voice to disguise his number. He has learned that the spam-sending garage is based in Hialeah, so he picks far-flung addresses in South Beach, Coconut Grove, and Coral Gables. When the drivers arrive, he tries to lead them on for as long as possible. Then he breaks it to them that he's just fucking with them.

Mark Poutenis

Roscoe has pulled the gambit about 20 times. "They say the most vulgar things imaginable," he says, "which just makes my day."

Many New Times staffers have received the texts, and we're not alone. "I get about three messages like this one from different numbers," laments one of many tortured souls we found online complaining about the texts. "It's so annoying, and there seems to be no way to stop them."

The numbers sending the texts seem to be generated by computer so as to not be blocked. But after following a trail of phone numbers, we eventually received a call from the text kingpin himself.

Through a translator, the Spanish-speaking text tycoon, who refused to give his name, claimed he doesn't use numbers that are on do-not-call lists. "I have the license to send the messages," he said, adding inexplicably, "I buy the list [of numbers] from the government."

He quickly hung up. The number he called from belongs to Hardwell Industries, Corp., a defunct Hialeah company registered to a Coral Springs man named Gregorio A. Tejera.

Because we know you're waiting for this, his number is 305-303-0119.

Feel free to send him photos of your junk.

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I fought back and won.  Here's how I did it: these jerks texted me their phone number, and I entered that phone number into a program I wrote which interfaces with Twilio, a phone service that interfaces with a software application. Simply put, my program called them every thirty seconds for several hours.  That did the trick.  They wanted phone calls.  They GOT phone calls.  LOL.  Jerks.


I am on the Do-Not-Call-List but receive texts from these as@*hol#s every day. I have filed numerous complaints with the FCC. It's time we start collecting the $1500 per call!!

You can also call 305-647-9525 and ask them to remove your number.

David Hart
David Hart

This is actually illegal in accordance with federal law (trespass to chattels). Moreover, the FCC contends that text spam is prohibited under the 2003 CAN Spam Act. The complaint form is here: http://www.fcc.gov/complaints

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

It's happening to a lot of people in Miami. I'm having fun with it, and I suggest you do the same. Call them up several times until they pick up, and then tell them you have a car. They ask you three things, what is the make/model/year of the car, is the engine and transmission inside the car (you say yes) and what is the address of your location (to which you give them a random address somewhere in Miami).

The number belongs to Metro-PCS, this was confirmed by Metro-PCS when I reported the issue to them

Florida Profit CorporationHARDWELL INDUSTRIES, CORP.


Mailing Address3412 W. 84TH ST., UNIT 110HIALEAH FL 33018Registered Agent Name & AddressTEJERA, GREGORIO A10970 NW 7TH ST.CORAL SPRINGS FL 33071

So basically that means they did not pay their corporation license and ANY business they conduct under that name would be illegal conduct.

people you can use 'pixdrop com' to send picture of your junk aka spam to 305-303-0119

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