After exiting We Can Only Dream, Sergio Lanza, who plays the jobless fruit picker in the musical, leaned against the wall of a container to wipe the sweat streaming from his face. "Everything we do, everything that happens on this type of stage, we have to control — from the lighting to the movement and interactions with the audience," the exhausted actor said. "This is an intense theater experience for the public, but it is also somewhat cinematic for them as well."

Jesus Quintero, who wrote and directs Blue Jellyfish, agrees that the audience plays a pivotal role in the microtheater experience and that the nature of the productions draws the public into an actor's world.

"There is no fourth wall, so the actor is in direct communication with you and the piece becomes very organic, evolving in your mind and in your heart," Quintero says. "The work seduces and seduces you until a part of you is inside it. These actors will be performing the plays over a hundred times during the next month, and each time, the people and the environment will change. We offer audiences a unique journey that transports you to a whole other place."

We Can Always Dream at Microtheater Miami.
We Can Always Dream at Microtheater Miami.

Location Info


Centro Cultural Espanol

1490 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33132

Category: Community Venues

Region: Downtown/Overtown


Microtheater Miami: Through April 29 at Centro Cultural Español, 1490 Biscayne Blvd., Miami; 305-448-9677; Tickets cost $5 for each play.

One quickly apparent problem, though, is that the containers are located too close to each other. This is a hindrance because the walls are thin enough that actors' voices and play soundtracks often bleed through, causing distractions. CCE could have avoided this issue by simply placing the containers farther from one another in the expansive patio setting.

Also, during my experience, the ushers taking tickets and coordinating the audience groups were disorganized. Although each play runs no more than 15 minutes, you must realistically expect to wait at least a half-hour to amble from production to production. And if you plan to take in the works in a predetermined order, you might have to wait even longer. Last, remember to bring water, because the temperature inside the containers can be sweltering. This is Miami, after all, and the containers act like giant convection ovens.

Other than those quibbles, not only does this event make for a cheap date and a theater experience unlike any other, but also chances are that adventuresome types will clamor for more. Perhaps we can even look forward to CCE staging a porta-potty peephole monologue marathon in the near future.

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