Reader mail: Ultra fans don't shoot at cops like Memorial Day partygoers do

Tattoo Clash

Home artists need training: Not everyone who can draw or paint can tattoo, but I agree with those in your story who argue against new Florida laws banning home tattoo artists ("Ink Wars," Chris Sweeney, March 15). People should be allowed to tattoo out of their homes. However, I believe there need to be some checks and balances associated with at-home tattooing, such as formal training in blood-borne pathogens, cross contamination, and proper sterilization. Just because someone tattoos out of their home doesn't mean they are a "scratcher" or are unqualified, but with anything involving a health risk, they should have to have some sort of qualification and training and must be held accountable in the event that something goes terribly wrong.

In a perfect world, everyone who tattoos would have a license and would have apprenticed for at least a year and would receive formal training. What the Florida Professional Tattoo Guild, which supports the new laws, isn't telling the general public is that breaking into the industry is extremely difficult and very competitive and that working knowledge of our art is tightly guarded. The tattoo industry, in fact, creates these at-home artists, scratchers, and unqualified tattoo artists by making it so difficult to learn and get the proper training. Instead of opening up the doors and training people properly, they would rather have legislation put in place to stamp out the very problems they have created.


Screw regulations: It's a lot easier earning money the more competitors you can run out of business. This whole scheme is merely a way to limit competition and run up the cost for existing businesses. It's been sold to do-gooders who have never seen a regulation they didn't love. The losers are the customers, who have to pay more, and small-time tattooers, who can't earn an income. Damn the liberals, lawyers, legislators, and industry weasels.


Rules save lives: Ninety-five percent of regulations exist because the people being regulated failed to act responsibly in the first place, usually leaving someone sick, injured, or ripped off. There are scores of examples, such as the "toxic tush" fake doctor who was injecting Fix-a-Flat into people's asses. I'm sure she envisioned herself a "freelance artist" as well. Every trade that affects public health is licensed and regulated, whether a brain surgeon, paramedic, or hairstylist. Similarly, dozens of skilled trades require certification and apprenticeship (electrician, carpenter, etc.). Are you seriously suggesting that someone who uses invasive techniques via thousands of needle pricks should be held to a lesser professional standard than any of those examples? If your arm was rotting off after a bad tattoo, I bet you'd be crying, "There should've been a law!" and scrambling for one of those liberal lawyers to file a $10 million liability suit on your behalf.

Larry from Hollywood

WMC Versus Memorial Day

No more race cards: As usual, Uncle Luke is always the first to pull out the race card, this time by arguing that police treat the mostly white Ultra and spring break visitors better than the majority black crowds during Memorial Day Weekend ("Luke's Gospel: Treat Ultra's White Visitors and Urban Beach Weekend's Blacks the Same," Luther Campbell, March 15). Have you ever even been to Ultra? Have you ever actually stuck around Memorial Day long enough to see what happens other than just reading stories about it? I highly doubt it, because lemme tell you something: People are people! Shootings happen with blacks, whites, Hispanics, you name it. "Pill poppers," as you like to call them, also come in a variety of colors. The only racist here is you.


Memorial Day is too violent: Too bad there are never any shootings during Winter Music Conference, or you might have had an argument here. Next time, know your facts before you write.


Hip-hop is to blame: Ultra is an electronic music festival, not a hip-hop fest like Memorial Day weekend when no one in Miami can go to the beach without fear of get shot or ending up in the middle of some gunfight or gang brawl. Stop playing the race card. I'd rather be "pill popping" and loving my fellow raver, neither of which I have ever seen at any hip-hop festival! Besides, drugs happen at all these festivals. Look around at all the violence that occurs during Memorial Day weekend and compare that to what happens during Ultra. You're arguing that increased police presence during Memorial Day just pisses patrons off and makes them want to commit more crimes and stab and shoot each other? Your premise is a joke!


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(HRH) Liz F Obisanya
(HRH) Liz F Obisanya

In a simple statement earlier DOREEN LAWRENCE the mother of murdered British teenager Stephen Lawrence expressed words of support and encouragement to the parents of Trayvon Martin.'YOU ARE IN OUR PRAYERS-' Doreen Lawrence stated ' I wish to pass on my condolence to the family of Trayvon Martin for the untimely death of their son. I too had my son Stephen Lawrence taken away from us in an unprovoked racist attack in April 1993. It took over 18 years of campaigning to get justice. The police and the justice system proved to racist in their behaviour towards my family because my son was black and his perpetrators (5) were white men. I will keep your family in my prayers and hope you get justice for your son Trayvon.Yours sincerely,Doreen Lawrence (mother of Stephen Lawrence)Doreen Lawrence - Founder/External DirectorThe Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust 39 Brookmill Road, Deptford SE8 4HU England.

Ellieton Bobby Lewis
Ellieton Bobby Lewis

Trayvon Martin:A young man is dead; murdered, and the police chief has lost all authority in the community, yet he's still the head of the police department. The city commissioner is endangering the community, by letting Chief Bill Lee continue to work as if nothing happened. How can the community be safe, or feel safe, especially the Black community? How many more wrongs can you allow this police department to commit between now and April 10th? How many botched investigations have to happen? Mr Zimmerman is still on the loose, with a mentally that all blacks are commiting crimes; what happens next week when he decides to run a personal errand with his AK-47? How many more Trayvon Martin's must die, between now and then? Should the Black community arm themselves, and defend their lives, "By all means necessary"! The city of Sanford is in need of a fresh start, new leadership is needed; even the city commissioner has no urgency, he for one should be outraged by this tragic death; yet he sees nothing wrong with a disfunctional police department, and continues to let things run their course. Leadership is needed in this community, ASAP!!!

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