A Miami condo king fudges a famous relative

Cristiano Piquet has it all: fast cars, luxury boats, beautiful women, and a booming business. Since 2005, Piquet Realty has sold hundreds of millions of dollars of prime Miami condos to his fellow Brazilians. He even has his own company calendar of supermodels.

But in the past year, cracks have appeared in Piquet's perfectly painted life. His claim that he's related to one of Brazil's most famous racecar drivers has fallen apart. Now a former employee is suing him for breach of contract.

Piquet arrived in Miami in 2001 with notions of glory — just not in real estate.

"I was already a three-time national racing champion in Brazil when they invited me to race in America," he tells Riptide. "I moved here to race cars. That's all I did until 2005, when I got my real estate license."

Business took off, perhaps in part because of Piquet's supposedly famous pedigree. In 2008, the Miami Herald described him as the nephew of Brazil's most famous racecar driver, three-time Formula 1 champion Nelson Piquet. A few months later, when another reporter asked him if he would race on the same team as his cousin — Nelson Piquet Jr. — Cristiano answered, "Unfortunately, no... [but] we are still working on this deal."

And until recently, his website said he hailed from "one of the most recognized families in the area of racing."

Not really. "Maybe we share a great, great, great, great-grandparent," says Kelly Piquet, Nelson Piquet's daughter. "The bottom line is that he has our same last name but he's not related. I don't know why he keeps saying that."

When New Times confronts him, Cristiano Piquet claims he has never said he's Nelson Piquet Sr.'s nephew. "I call Nelson [Jr.] my 'adopted cousin,'" he says.

If that weren't confusing enough, he adds, "We all came from one guy who came from France to Brazil. It's a small family. Everybody is related somehow, and we are very close."

The not-so-family feud might not be his biggest problem. Claudia Dena, a former employee of Piquet Realty, is now suing him over $72,658 in commissions she says Piquet owes her.

"I sold almost $3 million in properties for him," Dena says. "I worked, and he didn't pay me at all."

"This lady is trying to ask for a commission that she's not entitled to," Piquet says of the suit, which is in arbitration. "She was just trying to play me."

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FOHLA and UOL  Brazil Article
FOHLA and UOL Brazil Article

Please refer to the article and google it With a heading "CORRETOR DIZ QUE É SOBRINHO DE PIQUET PARA PROMOVER EMPRESA" This article is written by Monica Bergamo of the Newspaper FOHLA. FOHLA is a very well recognized newspaper in Brazil and part of UOL.

John Eric
John Eric

Let's first address the issue of being a cousin and we will all see that in fact Cristiano Piquet is related to the family which shares the same racing pedigree. As Merriam-Webster defines it:a : a child of one's uncle or auntb : a relative descended from one's grandparent or more remote ancestor by two or more steps and in a different line

According to Nelson Piquet's daughter they are in fact distant cousins. Nelson Piquet Jr is constantly with Cristiano, they race together and are frequently seen socializing and I believe Cristiano has sponsored Nelson at certain racing events. Ive seen Nelson Piquet Jr sporting different Piquet Realty garments and helping to promote Piquet Realty.

Let's now address the employee dispute. Considering the number of realtors which have flowed through the doors of Piquet Realty (I'm assuming upwards of 100) to have one employee dispute is not uncommon. Let the law figure this out and if there is a settlement or agreement I'm sure it will be in the interest of fairness and whatever the law sees as fit.

In summation, this is nothing but a character assassination. What this article does not mention is that Cristiano Piquet has been pivotal in salvaging our horrible overbuilt over-hyped local economy and has aided in bringing hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars to resurrect the Miami skyline and real estate market. The explosion of the Brazilian economy has led to real estate speculation which with the help of Cristiano Piquet has been corralled to our shores, more importantly, Miami. He took it upon himself to go to Brazil, risking his time and efforts to educate the Brazilian speculators that the United States is good, the Unites States is where to put your money and most importantly to create a community which welcomes Brazilians and welcomes their hard earned money. Instead of making Cristaino Piquet a pariah, lets make a Thank You Cristiano Day! More people should follow in his footsteps and fix the rest of this country. We just need one Cristiano in each city and we should be off to a better start. This is the American way and he is living the American dream.


piquet is a joker, he has 8 companies with his PIQUET name, law office, design, cars, concierge, etc etc.. all based out of the same office!! super cheezy. Im suprised he doesnt have Piquet Vodka, Piquet Hot Dogs, Piquet Models,... he seems very douchey always trying to portray an image of a playboy.. what a loser...." hey look at me" type...

Cristiano Piquet
Cristiano Piquet


" Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead "

" Haters don't really hate you. In fact, they hate themselves because you are a reflection of what they wish to be. "

God Bless all of you ! Cheers :-)


Dishonest Cristiano Piquet fake to be from the family of the car racer to mislead foreign buyers to believe he is legit real estate sales person.

Be very carefully what you buy from him. Always ask a second opinion.

Beatriz Morrison- Licht
Beatriz Morrison- Licht

It really amazes me how people can deliberately use the good will value, intellectual property rights of another for personal gain. The point of this article is about Intellectual Property Rights being abused. It is a fraud. Kelly Piquet is quoted saying that "they are not related". He has advertised that he is related. How is that opposition from mediocre minds? Its the truth revealed. People talking behind your back? It's a fact. They are speaking the truth. I don't think anyone hates, it is more like no one likes to be lied to. Or I guess Nelson Piquet signed a contract giving you the exclusive right to say you are cousins and he is receiving royalties from the good will value of his racing career?

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