Reader mail: Gay-bashing Buju Banton needs to make peace with the Lord

Buju's Dirty Bust

Karma is a bitch: Your story makes a strong case that the government went too far in snagging reggae superstar Buju Banton in a cocaine sting ("Buju Behind Bars," February 9, Chris Sweeney). But even if he's innocent of drug charges, the decade he got in prison could be viewed as karma for all the gay-bashing he's done over the years. As someone who claims to understand and revere the Lord, who is he to sit in judgment of others' lifestyles? Only the Lord has the authority, and the Lord will do with it as he sees fit. As someone who sings about "One Love," he is little more than a hypocrite. I hope Buju spends the next ten years making real peace with the Lord by repenting for the error of his ways. That's when we'll hear the real spiritual music, when his soul has been cleansed. In this case, it seems to me that the Lord has spoken in volumes.


End the drug war: Buju's story is another argument that it's time to repeal these fascist drug laws and allow our police to concentrate on the dangerous criminals.

Robert C

Buju is guilty: If I had 13 kids to take care of, I would not be recorded bragging about moving kilos of cocaine and then just happen to go visit a guy that prides himself on a being a drug dealer. And I wouldn't just happen to travel and visit this drug dealer several times and then accidentally end up in a warehouse with several kilos of coke. Come on, people! I like his music too. He is talented, but the idiot put himself in this situation. Bob Marley spoke about the times, about real struggle, love, and family. The idiots playing reggae now all want to be Tony Montana. If Buju were to get out of jail, would he become the next Bob Marley? No, he would go back to playing the victim and wanting to have Tony Montana swag.


The feds are criminals: The government is a bunch of drug traffickers. Where did they get 20 kilos to entrap Buju? They went after this man so hard to convict him because he would not apologize for the anti-gay song "Boom Boom Bye." The two who set up the deal on the phone didn't get charged, but Buju did. He also got charged with a gun that was taken off someone else, and the jury didn't see this. It's sad.


Facts don't lie: It's about time the complete story of Buju's entrapment was written. Your story was also a very even piece, with all the negatives about Buju explained and stacked on the scale, ultimately exposing their total lack of convincing merit. You have to hope the appeals process will go forward without bias or further steamrolling by the judicial system.

Bill Garland

Weed for Seniors

Better than medicine: Kudos to pot smuggler Robert "Black Tuna" Platshorn for educating seniors about medical marijuana ("Tuna Salad," February 9, Gus Garcia-Roberts). Studies show medical weed has fewer side effects and dangers than prescribed medication. I'm not for or against legalization necessarily, but if 60-, 70-, and 80-year-olds want to smoke weed in the privacy of their homes and they're not driving or pimping it out to their kids, I don't have a problem with it.

Goldleaf Grandma

Hip-Hop Ages Well

Stop the invasion: Luke, you are so right about saying the '90s were the golden era of hip-hop and that even as the rappers from that age get older, they're still in the game ("Luke's Gospel: Never Too Old to Be a Rapper," Luther Campbell, February 9). I tell my kids all the time that the '90s were the best decade of my life. There was a wide variety of rappers to choose from back then, unlike now. Rappers today only glorify wealth, as if success is measured only by wealth. Luke, this is why I read your column faithfully every week. You're the only journalist in the country that people like me can relate to. I think our city has been invaded by people like DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne. We have to take back our city.


Stripper Prognosticators

Nasty dancers: I was at Jerry's Deli while the strippers from King of Diamonds — Tip Drill and Skrawberry — managed to get on MSNBC's Morning Joe ("Stripper Politics," February 9, Gus Garcia-Roberts). My husband said they look like skanks. They were not welcome, and they looked ridiculous. Everyone was laughing at them, not with them. It was disgusting!


Not the real Miami: Great, these two idiots are representing Miami on national cable. But they're better than Rick Scott, I guess!


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conspiracy theory is how them us goverment bwoy tactical style of running tings for years they have been fooling peoples heads with storys about things they dont control or people they want dealt with and always seem to get the world to join them to back them in war using bully bwoy tactics on the ones them who aint down with what they want to fight for.they have convinced most people about buju b and the boom bye bye lyrics is about all gay fi hold gun shot dead and even when he made peace with the gay rights people them the wicked them still had to take the piss by making him look like one criminal and now they have gone into people dem head that he is a gaybasher and has bunn some too like what (.Ipinion ) had wrote in his post ,now i belive in karma and them ting but it aint him that should repent to god its them babylon bwoy who need to beg the lord forgiveness for not just lies about buju but for all the other things they have made up conspiracy stories to fool people the WMD them sadam had and still we have to see what a wmd look like.and for over 100 years they have been on this weed ting and now ganja is legal in parts of the usa.and they are making nuff money from it. i live in england and dont like a lot of the tings the wicked over here do to .i don check for laws and same time dont deal with badness i just try to do good and live righteous

giddy ranx uk


To charge Buju with these ridiculous charges is the most disgusting thing and the U.S. Government should be ashamed! Yes Buju did a song over 20 years ago and he is still being bashed for it. Ain’t no karma in letting a man do time for something he did not do. So this only makes us love Buju even more and despise the corrupt government even more. Yes, the LORD is the ONE and only true JUDGE and HE shall take vengeance on those messing with HIS anointed. Buju’s message will live long after we are gone…for generations they will hear of his praise to the LORD and that is a Blessing. Buju will always be a Blessing to the masses! No one can take that from him! Not even some crooked government. HE who sits in the heavens shall have the last laugh! Yes! May the MOST HIGH have mercy on your soul.


buju just shoe up all the rasta them cant be trustedlevi roots is a liar too



If you believe someone is innocent of the charges against him, yet believe he belongs in prison for his beliefs, then it makes me think the next time I see someone like you getting bashed on the street, instead of running to their aid, I might decide its Karma.

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