In a neutral corner of the gallery, Kyle Trowbridge investigates how technology alters the dynamics of human relationships. "The Politics of Time" highlights his new suite of QR code paintings, some of which measure a whopping eight feet across.

Although the skull-staving canvases seem to reference canons of geometric painting, Trowbridge avoids becoming mired in the past. Toeing his trademark MO, the artist cloaks his paintings like a wolf in sheep's clothing. While engaging unsuspecting spectators in a physically interactive manner, he also forces viewers to bob and weave as he feints and then jabs at the senses via geometric abstractions embedded with hidden words that can be scanned by smartphones. Call 305-576-1278 or visit

Blinged-out cookies from Jessy Nite's Money-Hungry series.
Jessy Nite
Blinged-out cookies from Jessy Nite's Money-Hungry series.

For thousands who will be visiting South Florida this month for the debut of Art Wynwood, these shows and others opening this weekend present a convincing argument that the local scene has the power to go the distance.

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