Marlon Alarm. Asexual but totally fabulous. High-gloss DIY. Equal parts Flamingo Plaza and Forever 21. These kinds of contradictions are the heart of Marlon Alarm, Miami's sexually ambiguous, perfectly manicured electro-pop provocateur. While independently cultivating a loyal fan base, this vocalist-producer has developed a unique persona based on the unlikely coupling of "It's Britney, bitch" splendor and Morrissey's frigid ambivalence. Ostensibly apolitical but clearly queer, Marlon Alarm makes Lady Gaga's sexually ambiguous political posturing look totally tame.

Teepee. Way back in 2009, Eric Lopez-Zareno released Morals, the definitive statement from his ever-evolving Teepee project. That record captured Lopez-Zareno's inherent eclecticism, shifting between fried shoegaze, psychedelic noise, and immaculate lo-fi pop. At the end of 2010, Teepee began privately circulating a followup, tentatively titled Time Meant Nothing. The recordings were a serious departure from his previous body of work, revealing a deeper focus and greater thematic consistency. But like so many classics-to-be, the album never saw the light of day and its composer receded into the shadows. Rumors have been circulating, though, that Teepee is gearing up for a comeback and that Time Meant Nothing might finally see a proper release. And here's hoping that one of Miami's best and brightest picks right back up where he left off.

O'Grime is gonna swag all over 2012.
O'Grime is gonna swag all over 2012.

Nightdrive Miami. It began as a weekly party featuring carefully curated disco, boogie, and chillwave. But over the past few years, Nightdrive has blossomed into a live-music production powerhouse. Its greatest contribution to mainland Miami's music scene is a regular stream of impeccably executed concerts — including 2011 performances by Battles, Austra, and the Junior Boys — at off-Biscayne hot spots such as Grand Central and Bardot. The collective's involvement in the local scene has helped cultivate and promote some of the city's freshest and most adventuresome music acts, such as Ryan de Grandy's retro-funk extravaganza Psychic Mirrors and the blissed-out electro chillscapes of Entresol. Even Nightdrive's music blog has its shit together, with tons of top-shelf content focused on dance, pop, and electronic tuneage. Pay attention to Nightdrive in 2012. You won't regret it.

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