On the plus side, it's a big plate of food for $15; by comparison, those diablo shrimp are $14.50. There are tapas available for less than $10, but many are larger-than-average bites (more like small plates) for $11 and up.

Glasses of sangria are well priced at $6; pitchers, which yield about five glasses each, are $25. Yet our waiter was so persistent in pitching us pitchers he came close to being a pest. (Service on both visits was inattentive, especially considering there were few other patrons.)

Sadly, the sangria is not good enough to make even a glass worth ordering. The red version is weak and sweet, and the white is weak and sweeter; a small dice of apple garnishes each. Affordably priced Spanish wines, at $7 or $8 per glass and $30 to $40 per bottle, are a better bet; higher-end Riojas and such are also available.

Diablo langostinos
Diablo langostinos

Location Info


Tapas & Tintos Midtown

3535 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33137

Category: Restaurant > Spanish

Region: Midtown/Wynwood/Design District


Tapas & Tintos


Lunch and dinner Sunday 1 p.m. to midnight, Monday through Wednesday noon to midnight, Thursday noon to 1 a.m., and Friday and Saturday noon to 2 a.m.

Clams with garlic and tomatoes $11.75
Shrimp ajillo $11.50
Chorizo a la sidra $9.50
Pork with egg and potatoes $15
Almond tart $6

The menu features a few paella variations (starting at $36.95 for two) and various grilled items such as tuna and swordfish steaks, filet mignon and bone-in rib eye steaks, and a parrillada of Spanish sausage, chicken, pork, and beef.

Tarta de Santiago (St. James cake) is a dense almond tart with lemon accents that originates from northern Spain. It is usually dusted with powdered sugar except for the nonpowdered shape of a cross; here it comes drizzled with honey and slivered nuts. Galician-style chocolate cake is a sweet chocolate-raspberry cake.

Like so much else at Tapas & Tintos, it was unmemorable.

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Totally agree with Lee's review; to the people below who disapprove - why are your standard so low? THE FOOD AND SERVICE HERE ARE TERRIBLE! You are obviously used to bad service or just accept the lousy service and bad food that is typical of Miami. This is a definite fail! Tapas and Tintos is just a bad restaurant; I posted this review on Facebook and got over 82 comments, so I would have to say, Lee, you are right, thank you so much for putting this in such a public format. They need to shape up, I can think of so many better restaurants that could take up that space!


I like T&T in Midtown. Obviously you had an unfortunate experience with an ignorant server but the food is good as well as the ambiance- love the patio. Shaky service doesn't mean a "fail" restaurant just sayin'!


Definetley an excellent atmosphere and great selection tapas. I have followed several of your postings and realized that they are not credit worthy. I have been to several restaurant you have badly spoken about and you have not been accurate.Tapas midtown has a great outside terrace where friends can hang and enjoy beautiful nights while listening to cool tracks.