Even though Kim has departed, evidence of her performance remains on display at the buzz-generating space. And featuring the work of 14 other artists, "Here Lies Georges Wildenstein" boasts some of the best stuff you'll see this weekend, hands down. The show is named for an influential Parisian dealer of Jewish descent who was accused of trafficking art with the Nazis and stripped of his French citizenship in 1940. True to the show's title, plenty of work with subversive content is on view.

Check out Michael Vasquez's Totem, a stunning large-scale oil on canvas depicting street thugs flashing gang signs. Manny Prieres also commands attention with his pentagram drawing depicting interlocking switchblades, as does Kenton Parker with his engraved MAC-10.

The Pig That Therefore I Am
Miru Kim
The Pig That Therefore I Am

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Rubell Family Collection

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Wynwood Lofts

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But the most intriguing backstory of the artists involved in this show belongs to Frenchman Édouard Nardon. His Don Juan is a sculpture featuring an eight-foot fluorescent light rod penetrating four Mercedes-Benz windshields and seemingly telegraphing the Parisian artist's reputation with the ladies. It is also a biographical statement because Nardon once made a living as a car thief before beginning an art career while doing time in the pen. Visit primaryflight.com/projects.

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