These days, Roofless is part record label, part show booker and promoter. Company founder (and freelance New Times writer) Matt Preira is at work putting together the third annual Anti-Art Becomes Art, a show at Churchill's Pub during Art Basel week. He is also using the remainder of the funds to turn Roofless into a "more thorough operation. We're really ironing out the five-year-old kinks," particularly in terms of operational costs such as show flyers.

The 2011 MasterMind Awards transported Ohio-born artist Christy Gast to a whole new place — literally. With her funds, she was able to begin a residency in Tierra del Fuego, Chile. "I spent ten days in the world's largest tract of Subantarctic forest," Gast says. "The first meeting, in February of 2011, brought artists and scientists together with the goal of creating a new model of artist-in-residence program." She took part in "immersive expeditions," including an overnight bushwhacking trip through trail-free forests to Admiralty Sound. It was a perfect fit for Gast, an artist who has explored the cultural histories of landscapes from the Dust Bowl to the Hoover Dam. You'll be able to see the products of the experience at Wynwood's Gallery Diet in March. "Through my involvement in the Ensayos residency, I have been reading a lot of texts on environmental ethics," she says. "My upcoming show regards the artist's studio as a site. I have been making, remaking, and performing with some rather rascally sculptures."

And the award helped bring to fruition one of Korea-born, Chicago-bred Susan Lee-Chun's most wide-reaching projects. "Everybody Suz-ercise!" is a faux-fitness craze that swept the nation — or at least the East Coast — with public performances in Miami and Baltimore. Funding was a crucial part of the process, the 35-year-old says, "because of the scale of them. The money was directly put into the production of editing videos and paying the people who were part of the project itself" — dancers and other fitness types who interacted with the public as "Suz-ercisers." Says Lee-Chun: "Without receiving the funds, that project wouldn't have happened at all."

Borscht Film Festival director Lucas Leyva.
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Lee-Chun is focused on sculpture these days, with Head in the Clouds, atop Grand Central in downtown Miami, and a new piece at David Castillo Gallery, both on display during Art Basel. She has moved away from temporary installations and performances, she says, because after they're done, they're nothing but "a pure memory. Now, the way I'm working sculpturally, I see things develop and look at it for awhile and then move on to the next work."

The work of paper artist Jen Stark, another winner, was included in a group show in London. Her intricate, colorful, and nature-inspired sculptures made from hand-cut paper have continued to evolve and inspire. You'll also find her work during Art Basel week at Pulse Art Fair, including trippy, optical illusions such as Cosmological Constant, a shiny, spiky rabbit hole in rainbow colors. Since winning the MasterMind Award, Stark has shown her work in Los Angeles and New York, and she was selected as the spotlight artist for Harvard Business Review's September 2011 issue.

New Times is now accepting submissions for the 2012 MasterMind Awards. To apply, send your name; contact info, including phone number, email, and home address; a short bio; a description of your work; and a sample in the form of emailed images or a link to a website. Email all of the above to The deadline to submit is January 20, 2012. Finalists will be announced February 10, and winners will be announced March 8.

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