Miami People 2011

View our Miami People 2011 slide show.

Miami People 2011
Michael McElroy
Rapper Trina. View our Miami People 2011 slide show.

For the second year, Miami New Times is dedicating a full issue to highlighting 30 of the city's most intriguing artists, athletes, intellectuals, and visionaries through photographs and interviews. Some are famous, some are infamous, and some are underground sensations. Together, their portraits paint a neon-lit ode to real life in the Magic City.

Andre Berto

Lea Black

Tony & Jessica Goldman

Justin Sanchez

Agustina Woodgate

Todd Erickson

Alberto Cutié


John Dufresne

Camille Austin

DJ Jessica Who

Michael Tilson Thomas

Shenise Johnson

Ernesto Pichardo

Russell Faibisch

Alberto Carvalho

Michelle Bernstein

Andres Duany & Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk

Karelle Levy

Udonis Haslem

Jimbo Luznar

Marvin Dunn

Suzy Buckley

Coral Morphologic

Vanessa Brito

Circ X

Orietta de Luque

Paul Tei

Clifton Childree


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