Alberto Cutie: Post-Catholic Padre

What's it like to have your name be forever associated with the word canoodling? Father Alberto Cutié — priest, television personality, man who doesn't mind getting a little sand in his shorts when he makes out on the beach — seems to be taking it in stride.

In case you haven't spoken to your Hola!-subscribing abuelita since spring 2009, we'll fill you in. Roman Catholic Miami padre Cutié, who rose to Latin American superstardom — and acquired the dubious nickname "Father Oprah" — by hosting a series of television and radio shows, was snapped by a Mexican tabloid photographer, well, canoodling with a woman on South Beach sands. Cutié admitted to a two-year affair with the woman, and within a month he had ditched the Archdiocese of Miami for the Episcopal Church. That beach lover — Ruhama Buni Canellis — is now his wife and mother to their new daughter.

The uproar that ensued in the meantime, including a Time magazine feature about the scandal, suddenly made the eloquent, personable, and blandly handsome priest all things to all people. To fervent supporters — who at one point defended his honor with tabernacle fisticuffs — his plight only highlighted the unrealistic and dooming Vatican finger trap that is the priest's vow of celibacy. To detractors, he was just another hypocritical priest leading a double life of sexuality. This publication opined that he "dumped Jesus for his girlfriend."

Alberto Cutié
Michael McElroy
Alberto Cutié

For some reason, Cutié — who was born in Puerto Rico but raised here and attended Southwest Miami Senior High — talked to us anyway. "I don't feel proud of breaking my promise of celibacy," Cutié says, but he's also through apologizing. His real sin in the eyes of the archdiocese, he believes, was he admitted to the affair rather than conforming to its "culture of secrecy."

"The church would have been perfectly happy if I had gone away, preferably for ten years, to a monastery in Siberia."

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Faithful and happy.
Faithful and happy.

He is just a hypocrit and two faces man. He just loved being a celebrity and hided his treason to his Catholic Church because a hidden cheap passion. He was afraid to loose his fame and many admires at that time.Fame and fortune, that is only what he is interested.


This article is just AN EMBARASSMENT!!! Where is good and honest journalism? What happened to research, ask, read and then write? Wow is talking about what happened almost three years ago a story? Here is a man who has dedicated his life to helping others and the best you can come up with is Alberto Cutie: Post-Catholic Padre. He is not "post-Catholic" he is post "Roman Catholic", since Episcopalians do profess the Catholic faith in a reformed church o and it is called the Episcopal Church. Why not write about all the charities he belongs to or all the things he does in for his Church or all the things he still does for all those Roman Catholics that still write him and he has not forgotten about. He has his door open for all in need. Did anyone interview Father Albert to ask these things? From reading this articles I think not.

Father Albert has been serving this community for over 20 years and is still serving as a priest just not a roman priest. He is a man God and a man who lives for serving God where ever it is need. I suggest there should be a real article written that shows what Father Albert Cutie and his life as a priest is all about. I also suggest a written apology be printed because, this article did an injustice to Father Albert Cutie.

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