Sweet Handlebar

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Government Center

101 NW First St.
Miami, FL 33128

Category: Services

Region: Downtown/Overtown

Remember how great you felt after your first mustache ride? Your heart was pounding, and every inch of your body tingled the way it does after a great workout. You were drenched in sweat and craving food-truck-greasy fare. That’s exactly how you’ll feel Saturday after Emerge Miami’s Mustache Ride. It’s a free, leisurely bike ride that kicks off at Government Center at 10 a.m. and wraps up with a food truck roundup at Pace Park. The event is aimed at raising awareness for men’s cancer. And because few things in life are manlier than facial hair — especially ironic facial hair — organizers have adopted the mustache as their official fashion accessory. They are encouraging men to grow out their staches and will provide female riders with fake ones. After all, you’ll look incredibly silly if you’re the only hipster riding a fixed-gear without a handlebar mustache. You’d stick out like a Wall Street banker at an Occupy rally.
Sat., Nov. 12, 10 a.m., 2011
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