Reader mail: Seminoles and Miccosukees will oppose Genting casino

Bombs Away

Step back: Though I won't stand as an apologist for anyone's violent intentions, do Andrew Marshall's incarceration, conviction, and post-pepper-spray mug shot automatically negate the validity of the charges Marshall filed against the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the City of Miami ("Miami's Ted Kaczynski, Part 2," Michael E. Miller, September 22)? Marshall ground himself down trying to fight something he thought was important — and he was no dummy. Whether circumstances would have been different if he had gotten a fair trial and a chance to present his evidence long ago is a matter of conjecture. Neither party's wrong makes the other right, but after casting Marshall as "Miami's Unabomber," I challenge you to report objectively on what just may be the bigger picture.

Dave Bricker

Gambling Our Future

Hung over: A casino to improve the local economy ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, September 22)? I agree with Uncle Luke that this is the worst idea ever. Yes, it will bring in cash flow, but the local population will suffer. It will attract gamblers, drugs, and more party people. Really, Miami? Don't we already have enough partying going on around here. What we need are new corporations and Fortune 500 companies and an educated population they can hire. But this would require a lot of work and dedication, and elected officials are looking for an easy way out. I'm a professional who just moved to Miami, and so far, it is not a place I want to raise a family.

Flavinol Orever

Sold out: Give me a break. The kind of people who hang out in South Beach are not the type who will be attracted to this casino, and vice versa. There are plenty of people here for both, and everything in between, to be successful. This town will thrive with Vegas-type casinos. I just hope these guys have the type of money they will need to fight the forces that will oppose this, like the Seminole and Miccosukee tribes. One has to wonder if those forces have already bought those negative voices.


No bluff: If gambling is allowed in our city, it will eat away at our Miami roots. Crime will go sky-high, and tourism will be hurt forever. By the way, I love to leisurely gamble, but it's enough with the Hard Rock right up the street from us. We don't need more. This will start a chain reaction. Will gambling be allowed at the Fontainebleau? Pow! There goes Lincoln Road. South Beach will cease to exist unless everyone is given a gambling license.

Dutch Franklin

Joker wins: There has been talk of casinos in South Florida for more than 20 years. Now we have several casinos that were supposed to provide an economic boost, and every year there are fewer resources. Teachers, law enforcement officers, and civil servants are losing their jobs. Jackson Memorial Hospital, which serves our indigent and underinsured, is broke. This is just another savings account for our politicians and another duping of our community. There is always a promise of jobs, jobs, and more jobs, and unemployment continues to grow.


Leading Questions

Witness the prosecution: As the subject of Gus Garcia-Roberts's article about my traffic court defense ("Jozy's Big Stand," September 22), I would like to state first and foremost that it was written in a much different manner than the writer explained was his intent. I don't need to wear a sign that says, "I'm a tranny!" I know many of my sisters and brothers want to live quiet, peaceful, happy, and loving lives, and I wish them the greatest of success. However, all of us — not just the GLBT community, but every human being in this country — need to remember the scars we bear for the indifference of so many, while others are forgotten.


Policing Gossip

Bugged: The police message board might have been created for a beneficial purpose, but it has been hijacked by cowards who are free to post anything they wish, feel, or want others to believe ("Cop Crackdown," Tim Elfrink, September 22). These posts mostly lack merit, proof, or facts. Most sites with forums or blogs require posters to log in with a verifiable email and screen name. On this site, anyone can post whatever they want, most of which is untrue. This poisons the very organization it was meant to help. As an example of that, look at the story itself, which lists "Pot Belly" as a beat cop, when he is in fact an internal affairs investigator.


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Dan Glassman
Dan Glassman

The Florida Indian tribes are fighting for their life. They will pay-off anyone they can to prevent any competition. The Tribe paid-off Our previous Governor, Charlie Chris who previously award the Seminoles and illegal gaming compact that the state supreme court has ruled was unconstitutional, but the Indians continue to run their casino on their sovereign land, that they purchased for the ability to operate a casino. The trible will lose billions if a competitor enters Florida. They will now try to pay-off any other politician that is not already on the tribes payroll.

Gary Lunder
Gary Lunder

The Seminole Indians are trying desperately to kill any possible casino competition. They have already bought Mayor Carollo and Regalado. It's a shame that these elected people will sell-out their city for a few Indian tokens.


Nelson - Right on! This Genting project will be huge for Miami not because of gambling but because it will create JOBS and improve our local ECONOMY! AS for the Indians, sure they will be pissed because they have a monopoly on gambling down here and could give rats ass about anything else.Flavinol -- What we need are JOBS and while everyone else's complains about the local economy these folks from Genting are going to do something about it! You're welcome by the way

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