The rest of the steaks are $44 to $49, except a porterhouse and a chateaubriand (each meant for two; respectively $84 and $86). Rack of lamb, veal T-bone, and veal chop Milanese are the remaining carnivore picks. The meats come from New York, home of Kane's ownership team, the Glazier Group (Strip House, Michael Jordan's the Steak House).

On our initial foray to Kane, the only poultry on the menu was an organic whole chicken for two stuffed with bacon, spinach, and Stilton ($48), which is swell if you find two people at the same table with a quirky steak-house hankering for chicken and blue cheese. On our return, that dish was verbally recited as a special and had been replaced on the menu by a saner roasted half-chicken with herb butter ($27).

Also on our first trip, the seafoods offered were miso black cod, grilled swordfish, and battered yellowtail snapper with chorizo and tomato-crab sauce. The last sounded best by far, but we were again punished for procrastinating — by the time we cast for it, the snapper was gone from the menu. So we selected the swordfish, a fat, tough, mealy rectangle speckled with crushed coriander seeds and other spices. We hardly touched the fish (which went unnoticed by the staff), but gobbled up all of the plate's delicious garbanzo beans dressed in dried olive vinaigrette.

High point of the meal: Lemonade gelée with berries, orange sections, lychee sorbet, and passion fruit granita
High point of the meal: Lemonade gelée with berries, orange sections, lychee sorbet, and passion fruit granita

Location Info


Kane Steakhouse

431 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: South Beach


Kane Steakhouse


Dinner Monday through Thursday 5:30 p.m. to midnight, Friday and Saturday 5:30 p.m. to 1 a.m., Sunday 5:30 to 11 p.m.

Shrimp cocktail $18
Crabcake $19
Wagyu skirt steak $39
Bone-in rib eye $51
Lemonade gelée wih fruit and sorbet $13

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As an à la carte side, we chose duck-fat hash browns over duck-fat potato chips (although there is a suspicious lack of any duck item on the menu). Two golden-brown pucks with puffs of sour cream yielded a luscious potato purée perked with shallots and chives. Jalapeño corn pudding featured a cavalcade of corn kernels studding a grainy custard — tasty in a mildly sweet manner, but the jalapeño barely registered. Onion rings boasted the virtue of crisp batter and the vice of greasiness.

Chef Ganem wears the pastry chef's toque here too, and he spins out an array of creative sweets. The most sensible dessert after a hearty steak dinner is a shallow bowl of loose lemonade gelée with berries and orange sections semisuspended alongside refreshing quenelles of lychee sorbet and passion fruit granita. A $15 seven-layer chocolate cake melded to cheesecake (called a "black & white") packs the oversize wallop so appealing to steak-house diners, but lighter appetites should gravitate to a moist pineapple "upside down" cake capped with grilled pineapple and rum-raisin ice cream. Desserts were the high point of our meals.

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