Ehrenberg, a contemporary fabulist, parlays his interests in set design, still life, pantomime, and Noh theater into videos and works on paper.

Reveling in color, texture, and pattern, Hughes's mixed-media-on-canvas works tinker with notions of the Theory of Relativity, says Castillo. The dealer adds that "her visual vocabulary is as tight as Etch A Sketch and Keith Haring" before concluding that "all Hughes's world is an imaginative holodeck, and her subjects and viewers equal players." Sounds like a shindig worth crashing. Call 305-573-8110 or visit

Another space ready to pop champagne corks is the newly minted Alberto Linero Gallery (2294 NW Second Ave., Miami), where folks are salivating to roar into high season with a show called "September."

If you can navigate the rolling greasy spoons fuming the environs outside the door, pop in and check out the group show organized by art collective Pink Bastard.

It features the work of seven locals and is one of the few places still doing the free wine-and-cheese thing.

Curated by Adriana Carvalho, the show is meant to inform gallery crawlers about the artists' view of day-to-day vagaries of life in the Big Mango.

Participating artists include Eddie Arroyo, Adriana Carvalho, Charles Falarara, Kevin Foltz, Cory Foote, Kathy Kissik, Franklin Sinanan, and David Zalben.

Take a gander at Foote's black-and-white portrait and landscape snaps, which exude undertones of melancholy.

Zalben, who uses metal wire to animate life's simplicities, has created a collection of evocative wire poems.

And Carvalho transforms items such as metal and cloth products into enticing pieces that represent her dreams and fears and are freighted with social commentary. Look for her new series of works, including her Insomnia installation, which highlights the poetry of everyday life using a pillow and a rug. Call 305-587-0172 or visit

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