Not much larger than a milk carton, More Funner Projects (180 NE 39th St., First-Floor Lobby, Miami) is no stranger to shoehorning big ideas into a matchbox-size space while playing with conceptual fire — then shoving an extinguisher up the collective art-snob ass.

The brain trust behind the prankish outfit has invited Los Angeles-based artist Nate Page to bring his explorations of the American psyche and the schism between the public and domestic self to the 108-square-foot Design District window space.

Page is exhibiting Winter Collection 2011: Protester 1, a chilly, ice-tray-size installation in which a lone mook, who happens to be a Green Bay Packers fan, rails against political injustice in front of the snow-spackled capitol in Madison, Wisconsin.

Lilian Eberle's No Where Road at Dot Fiftyone Gallery
Lilian Eberle's No Where Road at Dot Fiftyone Gallery

The artist seems to be arguing that sports fans and protesters share the same passion for their causes. And in the current context, it's almost as if rooting for the home team or rallying for political change might be seen as symptomatic of a nasty cold sore that gushes from the central nervous system of consumerism. Call 786-512-4130 or contact

Keep your peepers peeled for all of these shows this Saturday in Wynwood. Remember to stay well irrigated with a complimentary cold one, try to avoid melting your sweaty dogs on the blistering sidewalks, and enjoy the surprising number of new openings, unusual for this time of year.

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Very disappointed at this art walk. Still the same art from Art Basel...