Letters from the issue of June 2, 2011

Jawing Off

Sharks 101: The cover article on sharks makes it seem that sharks search for people to eat ("Snuffed," Michael E. Miller, May 26). News flash: The victim was in deep water spearing fish. Sharks eat fish and watch for easy pray all day long. They saw an opportunity and took it. He was just in the way and around the blood. It was stupid for him to be there. He should know how sharks behave if he wants to fish. As far as the shark fishermen, they're idiots. Sharks help keep the ocean's ecosystem in check. Sharks should be feared, but they are also beautiful creatures that have been around for millions of years. They are the perfect predator and should be admired from afar.


Don't forget loan sharks: Sharks are in their element. I never saw one chase a person down the street. Damn humans are everywhere. There's no place where animals can be left alone.


Call it even: Sharks eat people sometimes, and people eat sharks. Seems fair to me. That said, overfishing is a very bad thing, no matter what the species.


Pulling teeth: As a spear fisherman and nature enthusiast, I am appalled that these people want those sharks just for their jaws. They catch them, take off the jaws, and throw the bodies back into the ocean. There has to be a way this kind of inhumane practice can be controlled or banned.


Habitat for humanity: Would you take the salmon from a grizzly bear's mouth? Would you try to wrestle with a lion eating a gazelle? You are too stupid to realize the consequences of your actions. Fish belong in the sea, and rednecks belong far away in the woods, where they won't taint society with their idiotic ways. Why doesn't somebody pass a law to protect us from imbeciles?


Spotty Hyena

Animal house: Bryan Hawn, who brought a hyena to his South Beach apartment, is a moron who deserves to get some time in jail, not a job at Zoo Miami ("No Laughing Hyena," Francisco Alvarado, May 26). It's like a day-care center hiring a human-trafficker.


Role model: All I can say is wow. This guy has a way with animals that is really something special. What a great addition to Zoo Miami to have someone so passionate and talented at working with animals. They hit the new hire lottery for sure.

Betsy Robbins

Let me rewrite: This article is poorly written. There is too much information that is random, irrelevant, and has nothing to do with the hyena. The price of his parents' house? Modeling quotes from 2007? It's almost as if the writer pulled random shit off the Internet and called it a story. Nonetheless, a pet hyena? That is bad-ass!

Turner Brodenburg

Polls Closed

Truth potion: Concerning the column about Michael Putney thinking he's smarter than anyone else, I have to speak in his favor ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, May 26). Putney is a very respected individual. Forgive me, Mr. Campbell, but your statement that "he kept asking why voters would take [you] seriously" is incorrect. Why don't you accept that there are a few candidates who have more possibilities of winning in this campaign than you. That is nothing to be ashamed of; just admit it instead of writing such an offensive article. It doesn't say much about you.

Sal Berm

Robaina da man: Throughout this campaign, we heard from some of the candidates about their platforms, while others focused on attacks and divisive tactics. Julio Robaina stayed focused on the need to bring new leadership to county hall, repeal the property tax increase, reform the county charter, and instill fiscal discipline. He will provide proven leadership for challenging times.


Scandalous prospect: Money shouldn't win an election, but Gov. Rick Scott demonstrated it can be done. Robaina is a crook who finished with Hialeah and now wants his chubby little hands on the county. He continues to show defiance and doesn't adhere to rulings against him. There is a reason why there are many scandals and investigations surrounding him.


Recalling a mistake: Robaina will say anything he thinks someone might want to hear. His ethics are to be questioned. If he becomes mayor of Miami-Dade County, we will be wishing there was never a recall election.


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howie h
howie h

@Alexis:talk that crap to others that dont know better. sharkfishermen are not idiots, you are!

Howard Joey
Howard Joey

@Alexis:if you wrote that, fact is your an idiot! sharkfisherman are not idiots. let me see, you dont even fish at all do you? Shark happens to be a sport fish like any other. but then again you wouldnt know that! talk that crap to others that dont know better.

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