He adds he will quit his job if voters approve the salary May 24. "My position is that if you take the salary, you can't have outside employment," Diaz says.

His colleague, Commissioner Rebeca Sosa, concurs. "Of course I would resign from my current job," Sosa says. "The only reason I work is because not all of us are millionaires."

Indeed, she was more open than many of her colleagues in explaining her employment when New Times asked. Sosa is the workforce development marketing director for an adult education program. In a windowless office at Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center in Allapattah, she does data entry, develops advertising materials, and promotes the program in radio interviews.

Sosa showed New Times a drawer full of forms notifying her supervisors to take time off her paycheck because she's had to leave work to tend to her commission duties. "But I still get my job done," Sosa insists. "If I have to come back here after a commission meeting and work into the night, I do it. I work from home and put in weekends when I have to as well."

She earns $78,718 a year. According to her 2009 disclosure statement, the former West Miami mayor reported her net worth as $439,418.

The only commissioner who probably doesn't have to worry about outside employment interfering with her public service is Jordan, who has 30 years of county service under her belt. When she retired as an assistant county manager in 2004 to run for her mentor Betty Ferguson's seat, Jordan received a six-figure annual pension. That year, her net worth was $890,000. In 2005, her net worth jumped to $1.84 million after she bought a four-unit apartment building in Key West valued at $937,205. In 2009, Jordan listed her personal wealth as $1.9 million.

Norman Braman, who sponsored the recall that brought down former Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez, is against giving these wealthy folks a salary bump. "I'm definitely opposing it," he says. "It doesn't provide any safeguards that an elected official won't mix the public's interests with their private interests. The whole thing is a smoke screen."

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Michael Wind
Michael Wind

investigate bay harbor island,the most corrupt town in usa

Haywood Jablomey
Haywood Jablomey

This article is saying that Pepe Diaz is a crook because he took a $250k job as the director of a venture capital company. Then he had another job making $120k per year. IF these things were actually illegal, he would be investigated and charged. He hasn't been charged, so are you saying that he should be charged and the city is too busy?


Exactly my innocenty friend. You don't think these commissioners do it for service to the community- don't be so naive----for the corruption they allow in Miami, it is better not to have commissioners. I grew up in Miami and went to la school in Miami (actually with Ms. Heyman) and everyday I feel disgusted my the condition of its government. It appears that the same people get shuffled around from position to position. While my family will not move out of that infested city, as it is all they have ever known, I pray that others will move out rather than keeping funding these crooks

Haywood Jablomey
Haywood Jablomey

I was just cutting to the chase. If these allegations have been made for a while, is he under investigation? If not, why??? I liked him more when he weighed 65,000 pounds, but that gastric bypass has made him look more like a crook. The decespedes are his buddies, so he might as well join them in prison.

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