I mean, São Paulo is doing a really interesting thing [by banning outdoor ads], because can you even imagine what Miami would look like if it got rid of all the advertisements? Suddenly all the billboards were gone. I mean, how would that change the landscape here? It would be a huge shock. São Paulo looks so different now, like an ancient city like Rome. It's beautiful.

Did you notice a significant difference in people's lifestyles because their city is now ad-free?

What you do is you really start to see everything. Because ultimately, everywhere you go, you're seeing nothing but the landscape. Trees, the buildings, the people. There are very few distractions. What they've done is championed these artists, and there are so many outdoor art projects there now. If you're going to pull those ads away and turn it over to the artists, that's a beautiful thing. It would be amazing if some communities here in the States would say, "You know what? We should do something like that." It would be remarkable.

Morgan Spurlock
Morgan Spurlock

It would be a miracle.

[Laughs] Yeah, a miracle, exactly.

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Jordan Goldstein
Jordan Goldstein

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