North Bay Village Mayor Corina Esquijarosa has some homestead issues

North Bay Village's mayor has some homestead issues. While claiming to reside in the island city, Corina Esquijarosa has been receiving a $25,000 homestead exemption on an apartment she rents to a man named Osmary Ramos. To get the tax break, Esquijarosa is required to live in the one-bedroom unit in the River Lofts Condominium at 1021 NW Third St. — not North Bay Village. She is certainly not allowed to lease the place either.

"It's just part of the tangled web of lies this gal has played," says part-time North Bay Village resident and civic activist Fane Lozman, whose dogged muckraking led to the arrest of four North Bay Village elected officials.

According to Lozman, Esquijarosa also omitted crucial information on her financial interests disclosure statement, including a foreclosure filed against her and her husband Manuel by SunTrust Bank. The Esquijarosas had stopped paying the $138,000 mortgage on a separate River Lofts condo they owned. The lender won a final judgment in May last year. What's more, Esquijarosa failed to disclose her homestead property, also in foreclosure.

The mayor, who receives a $98,000 annual package as a senior project representative for Miami's Public Facilities Department, dismissed Lozman's criticism. Esquijarosa believed she didn't have to list the foreclosure because the property was auctioned before she filed to run. "I have since filed an amended financial disclosure form that lists the judgment," she says. "It wasn't intentional."

Esquijarosa, who moved to North Bay Village in February 2009, accuses Lozman of trying to provoke a confrontation. "I've read up on Mr. Lozman," she says. "I won't get sucked in."

Ramos says Esquijarosa's husband rented him the apartment the same month the mayor took office. "He charged me $675 a month and told me that it was not in foreclosure," Ramos says. "I subsequently found out that it is being foreclosed."

Lozman says Esquijarosa would not have won the election had she disclosed her lawsuits. The first-time political candidate won by six votes this past November. "As a city of Miami employee, she should know better," Lozman gripes. "She won by lying to the voters."

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Another scumbag mayor, almost as bad as the azzhole thief that was elected in Miami Springs. He didn't pay business taxes since 2001 and owes the government 200 thousand dollars, his home is also in foreclosure for failure to pay his mortgage. On top of all that and other problems of his own making, he was caught stealing campaign signs from opponents and only got a slap on the wrist.


Wait a minute, she works in Public Facilities, which involves real estate transactions within the city. Couldn't anyone tell this wannabe politician that property owners are supposed to pay property taxes? Is she that stupid or does she think that we the public are imbecils? I am not sure if I am more pissed off at her for not paying her taxes or for her arrogance believing she is somehow above the law and or that we the public are complete idiots! She should be recalled as Mayor and she should be fired from her job for stealing tax money from the residents...I am wondering if she didn't pay her income tax too...maybe if we are lucky she will end up like Al Capone!

Jose Viernes
Jose Viernes

Mayor Esquijarosa now has an EXEMPTION LIEN on her property taxes at this location for $3825.00. Problem is she'll never pay it as the unit will be foreclosed. The Property Appraiser should file this lien in court and make sure it is a personal debt for defrauding the County claiming homestead on property she was renting instead of hoping that the mortgage company will indeed pay it for her. Why should they, she is not paying the mortgage, just ciollecting rent on the unit and not declaring it.

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