Krop High School's athletic director spikes the truth

In the last month, Florida's number-one-ranked high school boys' basketball squad tumbled through a litigious spin cycle. Dr. Michael Krop High's team was disqualified, reinstated by a judge, and then disqualified for good for not filing proper immigration paperwork for international student Brian Delancy.

In the meantime, New Times revealed that Delancy's missing documents were the least of the team's problems. The Bahamian native and two other students — including star guard Angel Rodriguez — had registered bogus addresses with the school district, and Delancy's claimed legal guardian is actually a notorious basketball recruiter.

But it's not just the school's basketball team that seems to be suffering from a Pete Rose-esque inability to obey state athletic rules, New Times has now discovered.

In an interview with the Miami Herald two weeks ago, Krop athletic director and tennis coach Mike Kypriss claimed he had never been informed of the need to file immigration paperwork for a foreign student athlete prior to the Delancy incident.

He repeated twice: "I've never had to do it in my entire life."

But last Spring, Kypriss's female tennis team was at the center of a dispute over that exact same missing paperwork.

Acting on a tip from a rival parent, the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) investigated Canadian-born star Sonya Latycheva, a homeschooled then-junior playing without proper documents. "This happened ten months ago," says exasperated FHSAA executive director Roger Dearing. "How short is his memory?"

Kypriss snapped when we reached him at work and asked about his obvious fib. "I'm at work, I'm teaching," he said, adding: "Just so you know, both those girls were cleared to play last year."

That's not particularly true either. On April 30, the FHSAA ruled that the school had violated rules during Latycheva's three years of play by not filing the immigration paperwork. The association was lenient, classifying the lapse as a "minor" violation and fining the school $400 — a break from the possible $2,500-per-contest levy.

But the featherweight punishment came with a warning: "Continued violations of this nature may warrant additional penalties and [be] considered major infractions."

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kathry harlan
kathry harlan



Gus, are you the kid who always got picked last for kickball in 4th grade? I'm beginning to wonder why you're so bitter, and what you have against Krop High. Everything in this latest tirade of yours was in your last rant, and guess what? You're still wrong! Just because your hero, Roger Ghadafi, I mean Deering, says something DOESN'T MEAN IT'S TRUE! The situation with Sonya Latycheva was not the same situation as Brian Delancy's, no matter how much you and your patron at the FHSAA want it to be. Kypriss didn't lie to you and he didn't lie to the Herald. But that's not good for a tabloid story, so you just look for crap to support your predetermined viewpoint. Nice journalism. They would've loved you at Pravda. Never heard of it? Google "Soviet Union" and learn a little history. To review: there was never an I-20 form issue, or whatever's it's called, for Latycheva, and that was the FHSAA's issue with Delancy. So where's the lie from Kypriss?To review: the registrar cleared Delancy and Rodriguez to attend school. Not the coach's or the AD's job to follow kids home.To review: the circuit judge who ruled for Krop essentially saw the FHSAA process as completely lacking in due process and nuance. He practically begged their attorney for a compromise solution. As usual, the attorney for the FHSAA insisted there was no gray area, the baby must be tossed with the bath water, so the judge decided to let the kids play. You see that as a miscarriage of justice? Looks like common sense to me. I think a reasonable person, when confronted with all the evidence and hearing all sides, would likely conclude the school was guilty of a paperwork snafu, as I've said before, not a sinister plot to cheat. To review: you know Kypriss is limited in what he can discuss when it comes to any student's situation. You get a quick comment from him, paint it in snarky colors, and then you can claim your story is balanced. That's the definition of "hatchet job". Really, why you continue to pile innuendo, hearsay, and half-truths on a man who's beloved by pretty much everyone he's ever coached is beyond my understanding. It's not just unfair, it's shameful.


Zonafresca (aka Kypriss ghost writer)

Stop defending liars, crooks and cronies. No honorable soul would ever do so. The Principal, AD and coaches of this corrupt administrative team at Krop high school need to be terminated. Instead of teaching kids ethics, morals and the value of honest work, they are poisoning our youth with their short sighted tactics.


Tellin, I'm not a mouthpiece for anyone, but I do know a lot of people whose kids have been coached by Kypriss. I also know really bad journalism when I see it. So as you say, "no honorable soul" would defend this hack job masquerading as a fact-filled article. Ask the kids coached by Kypriss if they've been taught good values, sportsmanship, and morals. You can find them at many of the nation's finest universities. I hardly think they've been "poisoned" by their experience at Krop High. If I thought Krop was deliberately cheating, I wouldn't be defending them.

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