If you love photojournalistic works, don't miss the final chance to catch this stellar exhibit featuring some of the best practitioners of the medium and one of the finer snap-based Wynwood lineups in a while.

Yet another photo show worth visiting is Francie Bishop Good's "Lost/Found" at David Castillo Gallery (2234 NW Second Ave., Miami), where she is making her solo debut. In her latest series of works shot during visits to various women's recovery centers and domestic settings across the U.S., Bishop Good explores the emotions of her subjects and examines the worlds they inhabit.

Her portraits oscillate between quiet moments of contemplation or angst-addled desperation and open a window into environments where faded wallpaper, weatherworn rooms, and stark living rooms provide a gritty backdrop.

Juliana Beasley's The Last Stop: Rockaway Park
Juliana Beasley's The Last Stop: Rockaway Park

The artist renders subjects tossed from their moorings by life's unexpected tempests and chronicles their struggles with desire, forgiveness, and anger. Her uncanny, psychologically charged portraits of women in intimate moments reveal people both aware and indifferent to the lens of her camera.

Up the street at Dina Mitrani Gallery (2620 NW Second Ave., Miami), take a gander at the current work of Peruvian shutterbug Roberto Huarcaya whose two separate series of photos are making their stateside debut. The award-winning photographer participated in the sixth Havana Biennial in 1997 and 49th Venice Biennial in 2001.

At Mitrani, he will be showing portraits based on famous paintings by Da Vinci, Bosch, and other masters of the Renaissance.

His modern day portraits such as Alessandro, Chorrillos, Peru (after Caravaggio: Narcisse, 1595) have a distinct flair. Huarcaya will also be represented by large-format panoramic seascapes, one of which snagged him a Petrobas Award in Buenos Aires recently.

If these shows don't get you hot and sweaty, remember, it's still a cheap date during Valentine's weekend.

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also ART MODERN GALLERY is a new and interesting blend of Iconic and Fresh new international artists...worth mentioning

Wynwood 1
Wynwood 1

In regards to Mr. De Jesus's paragraphs on Miguel Paredes' new gallery:At this point in the evolution of the New Times, and Miami's art scene, it's now obvious that an upgrade is badly needed in terms of an art critic (or should I say, "self proclaimed art critic"). Tired and ridiculous phallic cliches (De Jesus appears obsessed with Mr. Paredes's penis), and falsely attributed quotes ("self proclaimed pope of pop"), do not do justice to the wave of creative energy bursting from and around Wynwood. It is bewildering and disturbing that an artist be mocked for success, particularly in the New Times. Indeed, the paragraphs about Paredes and his new space smack of the writting of a frustrated artist....

There are many fine galleries in Wynwood, and Mr. Paredes is amongst the finest. The factthat his now occupies more square feet that one month ago is not a negative. Please keep the critiques intelligent, informed and educated, and less like the tacky, often catty, social columns. Despite his years at this paper, the author of this column is clearly an amateur, and it disappoints me as a reader to watch him flail (and fail) as a art critic/commentator in an increasing serious art scene. Clever comments are no substitute for educted ones.