A perfect example of cross-pollination and hybridization can be found in Paolo Grassino's Decants, which was created in 2007 from aluminum, resin, and cement. The artist's two eerie figures are pocked over with scores of tin funnels that recall the white truffles Turin is famous for.

One of the life-size mutants stands behind another seated figure. Both of their squid-ink heads and part of their torsos are drilled through with the unsightly sprouts. The apparitions do not communicate, even though the odd orifice-like funnels hint at open, metal mouths.

And what show celebrating Turin is complete without toasting the region's fine wine?

Diamonds, 2008 by Nicola Bolla
Diamonds, 2008 by Nicola Bolla

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The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum

10975 SW 17th St.
Miami, FL 33199

Category: Art Galleries

Region: Coral Gables


Gran Torino: Italian Contemporary Art"Through April 17 at Frost Art Museum, 10975 SW 17th Street, Miami; 305-348-2890; thefrost.fiu.edu. Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday noon to 5 p.m.

"Gran Torino's" pièce de résistance might well be Enrico Iuliano's 2005 eye-popping installation, Composition for Glass Objects on Vespa. In it, the artist used a nifty Italian scooter saddled with copious glass jugs that appear to be full of a hearty Barollo wine. His motorbike straddles a rectangular fountain full of the blood-red fluid trickling into the limpid tub then back into the jugs.

"One of the amazing things about this show is how you can trace the lingering influence of arte povera strategies on these younger artists," Facelli says. "This younger generation has continued expanding the boundaries of experimentation with mundane materials while still referencing the local culture in their works."

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