Dirty South at SET January 23

How soon did the DJ gigs come flooding in?

You know, it's pretty hard to get a real DJ gig. So I started DJing in little bars and clubs where you'd play Top 40 and commercial stuff and old '80s music. But it was really good because that was what taught me how to read the crowd.

So before real gear and real gigs, what kind of setup did you work with? I've heard a strange story about twin cassette decks.

Dirty South isn't a rapper. He's a big-room banger.
Dirty South isn't a rapper. He's a big-room banger.

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Set Nightclub

320 Lincoln Road
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With Louis Dee. 11 p.m. Sunday, January 23, at SET, 320 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach; 305-531-2800; setmiami.com. Tickets cost $30 via wantickets.com. Ages 21 and up.

That's how I learned to DJ — you know, the basics of how you put two tracks together and how you sync them. I used to have this old cassette player that could play both tapes at the same time. So I would plan my whole set in advance and there would be individual tapes for each track. I would mix them live.

And I used to have a second hi-fi stereo connected. So whatever I was mixing on the first player, I would record on the second. I would have all these mixtapes, bring them to school, and listen with my friends while we just giggled and didn't do any of our work.

It was crazy. It was pretty bizarre. It was like a caveman's way of DJing. But that's how I learned.

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