Letters from the issue of January 13, 2011

Tainted Gold

Buy smart: The question in the story about the South Florida supplier for Walmart is one of morality ("Cheated," Jean Friedman-Rudovsky, January 6). Am I obligated to pay more for a product so that the people making that product can live better lives? Am I responsible for the lives of everyone in the entire world? Personally, I say no! I buy what is reasonably priced. I do not concern myself with the people making the products. If you care about these people, send them money out of your own pocket. Do not force me to support them by paying more than the product is worth. Most liberals want others to pay extra for the world's ills. If you are a liberal give the unfortunate your money, not mine.


Get another job: The primary objective of any corporation is to generate profit. Walmart also creates millions of jobs all over the world and provides health insurance for millions of Americans. If you don't like the pay or conditions, find somewhere else to work.


Greenbacks: This isn't about jewelry, it's about corporations doing ANYTHING to increase the bottom line, no matter cost to the earth or human beings. Corporations lie, deceive, and insulate themselves from the reality of their actions by using subcontractors to do their filthiest and most inhumane work. And then, they call themselves "green."


Hide and seek: Everyone has a responsibility to consider where and how their purchases were obtained, particularly in today's corporate world of outsourcing and "free trade." The primary design of a corporation is to hide responsibility from individuals.


Smelly profits: Walmart investigating how their stuff is made in other parts of the world is like a buzzard looking after the dead.

Van Pelt

Home Base for Sale

Total Recall: Julio Robaina gives Cuban-Americans a bad name and local politicians an even worse name ("Friends in High Places," Francisco Alvarado, January 6). He is a first-class delinquent. If he is elected, we are going to need another recall... Call Norman Braman!

Local Resident

Shoo in: Julio will win because, rather than put the good of the community ahead of everything, people in Hialeah vote for their "favorite son" of the moment. Yep, Miami-Dade County IS Hialeah!

Lost in So. Fla.

Weeded Out

Sorry excuse: Want your freedom back? Legalize marijuana! ("Top Five Florida 420 Busts," Francisco Alvarado, January 6). That will take away Uncle Sham's most common excuse to trash the Constitution and pretend the government is protecting you from yourself!


Toke on this: Why is the most useful plant known to man, a plant that has never killed anyone, illegal? It's illegal because corporations that buy politicians fear competition from superior, safer, and more environmentally friendly hemp products. And because the government loves to oppress, jail, and steal from the people! Alcohol, tobacco, petroleum, cotton, timber, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies, to name just a few, see marijuana as unwanted competition.


No harm: Anyone who wants marijuana is already getting it. Legalizing and rationally regulating marijuana will not introduce another harmful intoxicant to society; it will provide a safer choice! Alcohol, tobacco, many prescription drugs, many over-the-counter drugs, and even caffeine, aspirin, and non-aspirin can all be deadly. They are well-documented as a direct cause of hundreds of thousands of deaths in the USA every year!


Harder stuff: Pot is a gateway drug. I have never met a heroin addict or tweeker who didn't begin their drug habit by smoking a little weed. Pot leads to harder narcotics, as proven by every drug addict.

Billy Ray

Taking the Heat

Cheapo: If you want to eat on a budget, go to Olive Garden ("DaSilva Brings the Heat," Lee Klein, January 6). You truly do not know how to appreciate a restaurant like 1500 Degrees at Eden Roc!


Top service: When I go out, I'm not looking to order the cheapest thing on the menu. I usually ask the staff what they think and go with their expert opinion. In my multiple visits to 1500 Degrees, I've experienced some of the best service Miami has to offer. I have never been more well taken care of anywhere.

Ryan Carpenter


The January 6 Metro story "Julio Robaina: Dade's Next Mayor?" incorrectly identified a business partner of Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina. The Alexander Vega mentioned in the story is not the city's budget director.

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Harrison's Sports Grill, located off 57 Avenue and 16th Street "runs out" of BBQ smoked-chicken because it is divine on the tongue. In the January 6-12th issue of "The New Times," Ily Gaines referred to the lack of BBQ chicken on the menu . Upon her 2nd visit to Harrison's she cites, "Unfortunately, the day I chose to return, smoked fish was the special of the day and not BBQ, much less brisket was in sight." The BBQ and brisket is served everyday. It runs out of stock because it falls off the bone (BBQ) and it's delectable. She should come early i she wants some. She also states "barbeque done correctly, let's just say- before I get pornographic- that its hard to beat." Any food critic that uses a porn as a description needs to get an MFA in writing. I am a Miami native that dined at Harrison's when the family owned it under the name, "The Blue Grotto." Now, they have reopened the restaurant as "Harrison's Sports Grill." It's been a family run business, besides when they leased the property to Heidi Janotti, who opened Heidi's Gast Haus" from 2005-2010. This information was printed as " It was leased to someone else." Ily might want to consider doing more research and fact-checking before she goes to print. I have tasted everything on the menu and would go back again and again. Actually, I stop there after work two to three times a week. The food is not "bar" food. It's quite a scrumptius can't-find'the-words to describe how it lingers on the tongue like an Italian opera phrase good. One side of the restaurant caters to dinner-go-ers. Families. The other side caters to wine and beer drinkers and foodies. As a 39 year old Miami native woman, it is the only "pub-like" atmosphere I could go to alone and not feel like I have to paw off meat-market types just to enjoy a meal and gab with small town friends. "Trip," aka Walter B. Harrison III, actually came outside while I was on the phone to let me know my brisket was ready. What owner of a restaurant does that? I've worked in hospitality from the time I was 14 until I finished college. I know a good meal and tight run restaurant when I experience it. And Harrison's is an experience. If Ily wants to bash bland bar food, let her go a chain fill-in-the-blank house or bar for that kind of critique. Further, why would a critic bring up her friend's lack of sharing food in an article and then state, "I guess love is blind?" Is the article about her personal relationships or about critiquing restaurants? The Miami New Times should reconsider who they hire to critique food and the local restaurant scene. Kudos to Harrison's for being a real place with real food in which to dine. And if you're a Cane lover, like me, Harrison's is their biggest fan. Harrison's painted their restaurant in Hurricane colors. My pom-poms are out and cheering for Trip and Harrison's Sports Grill.


Dear Editor,

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