Which is your favorite restaurant in Miami to dine?

Honestly, I do not go out in Miami very often. I am also a single mom, so my social time is limited. But I have enjoyed Sugarcane a lot. It has great energy and a very down-to-earth appeal for me. I am a very low-key person. I look for places that are real, that attract an interesting and diverse crowd. It has great people-watching.

Does your career affect your dining experience?

Karen Hanlon at Yolo, one of her favorite projects.
Michael McElroy
Karen Hanlon at Yolo, one of her favorite projects.

I am not sure how to answer that. I have always been in this business and have always been inspired by it. I can thoroughly enjoy myself without being verbally critical. My perception is constant no matter where I am. I am probably more critical of every experience than most people — that is my nature. However, I can be inspired just about anywhere.

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