He then says, between puffs of two chain-smoked cigarettes, he one day would like to slay Satan — with God's permission, of course. Up in Connecticut, he adds, a female spirit stalked him and eventually followed him home.

Once in the park, we sit on a metal picnic bench near a skating ramp, basketball court, and playground. Our guide gestures toward a wall about 100 yards away that connects to the Barnacle. She says she's going to stroll throughout the area and that we should take pictures of her as she walks. She embarks and we click. About two minutes later, she returns, and Julio heads into the darkness with his wife. We snap more pictures. Next up is Valkyrie.

Sandy points out that Valkyrie's energy is flowing from her fingertips and that she's shape-shifting.

Wardell Brown

I see nothing.

Then, as I walk into the blackness, I feel my palms begin to sweat. My knees quiver. But, alas, I don't hear, smell, see, or sense anything out of the ordinary.

When I return, Julio's girl squeals and pushes her digital camera at me. "Oh my God!" she says. "Look! There's a huge orb right by you in this pic!"

I stare down at it. She's right. Near me is a large, white, floating ball. Weird thing is, all the lights are out in the park. But maybe it was the flash on someone else's camera or a glitch. Then again, I really don't know.

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