Recall Marc Sarnoff

But the details of the illegal office case are nevertheless compelling. On August 6, El-Masry filed a complaint with city code enforcement officers claiming Sarnoff was using 3000 Shipping Ave. to illegally run his private law practice in a residential area.

On August 12, fresh from his summer vacation to the exclusive Ibiza, Sarnoff met with City Manager Carlos Migoya, City Attorney Julie Bru, and Code Enforcement Director Sergio Guadix to discuss El-Masry's complaint. Most property owners, of course, don't have that kind of access.

The commissioner explained that his wife, Theresa, lives at 3100 Virginia St., and he resides next door. While some couples have his and hers towels, the Sarnoffs have his and hers houses.

Marc Sarnoff: It's growing.
Marc Sarnoff: It's growing.

Guadix says Sarnoff "seemed concerned that he was being targeted for reasons other than the violation at hand." On August 27, Guadix personally inspected 3000 Shipping Ave. — three weeks after El-Masry's complaint. Normally, the code enforcement office has ten business days to inspect a property for a violation. Apparently, the rule doesn't apply when you are a sitting city commissioner.

By then, Sarnoff had rearranged his office, complains the bar owner. What's more, Sarnoff's law partner, Neil Bayer, moved out and relocated to Coral Gables two days prior to the inspection.

Still, Guadix insists Sarnoff "was required to comply with the code just like any other resident." After personally inspecting the property, the code enforcement director rescinded the violation notice.

"Everybody down the line is covering for Sarnoff," El-Masry grouses. "He is lying through his teeth. He'd say his dogs live in that house if he could." The bar owner hopes someone will start a recall campaign against the commissioner. That would require signatures from 10 percent of the registered voters in Sarnoff's district and then a public vote.

El-Masry isn't the only one upset with the commissioner. His next-door neighbor, who asked for anonymity out of fear Sarnoff would retaliate against him, says, "Marc is an insufferable pr**k. A real motherf**ker."

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