On a recent afternoon, Krow strolls up to the counter at Miracles. He asks for two conch fritters. Behind him, five people wait to place orders. A deep-purple Pontiac sedan with 24-inch rims pulls into the lot. Its driver joins the line.

Krow grabs his conch fritters and unwraps one. He informs a visitor that his girlfriend, Carla Del Castillo, has established a program called Wonder Girlz to keep young females off the street. If it takes off, he will establish his own. "I'll call it Super Boyz," he says. "I'd get them away from all the hard-core rap music they listen to and all the Tom Clancy videogames they play."

As he munches on his fried shellfish treat, Krow again breaks into the language of Malcolm X. The overwhelming violence and poverty has created a community bereft of respect and trust, he says. "That's the deadliest thing on 15th Avenue. No one trusts each other because they don't trust themselves."

As far as coping with the brutality, he bluntly says, "There really is no way to get used to it." Then he walks across the street and disappears around the side of the apartment complex where he reads his morning paper.

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