"I'm a girly girl," she adds. "I love nothing more than putting on makeup and getting my hair done." It should come as no surprise, then, that her latest venture is none other than lip gloss. Yes, ladies, all the sparkle, sheen, and fruity flavor that will make your lips glow is only the first of many ideas for her brand Be Amazing Inspired by Trina. "I think it's important for a woman to always look good and present herself in a respectable manner," she says. "I want my fans to look classy, not trashy."

Trina understands that beauty has to come from within, first and foremost, so her nonprofit charity, the Diamond Doll Foundation, focuses on empowering at-risk girls in inner-city Miami. Through her organization, she has held holiday toy drives and has mentored young women in her childhood neighborhood of Liberty City. "That's one thing that I love doing is giving back to my city," Trina says. "I love Miami, and Miami gives so much love to me. Any chance I can get to give back to my community, I'm there."

Trina is more than a rapper.
Trina is more than a rapper.

So with all the sweetness that's coming out of Trina's life these days, is she still the baddest bitch of Miami? "Am I the baddest chick?" she responds, sheepishly refraining from cursing. "To me, baddest means someone who's strong, a fighter — someone who's fearless. So if that's the case, then yeah, I'm still the baddest, just older and wiser."

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