Richards "did not disclose the potential conflict of interest," auditors added. Kopenhaver "confirmed she was aware of the relationship." Richards also took 10 unearned days of vacation (worth $5,000) and "engaged in a questionable practice of mixing personal and university business."

Richards did not return a call seeking comment, but told auditors he had done nothing wrong or illegal.

It's unclear how Kopenhaver reacted to the audit. Nor is it apparent how the co-author of the 1993 textbook College Media Advising: Ethics and Responsibilities responded to Cole's contention that the journalism school's leaders were "downright dishonest" when they omitted mention of complaints about her leadership in materials he was sent.

"If a beginning student in news-writing and reporting class had done it, he would have received an automatic F for a factual error or for being unfair," Cole wrote.

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FIU is the worst school in Florida. Their Journalism program is difficult to get in to, so if you're going to FIU for that, run to another school. FIU is no Ivy League university, but the sure act like they are. Here are my reasons from my personal experience there:


1) When applying to FIU and attending the Orientation, Amy Donaldson tells you that there is a GPA requirement to get in to the School of Journalism, but she says not to worry, you can apply for a GPA waiver. You should worry because they will make ever excuse not to approve your application, so they can keep you there longer.


2) You must take the Grammar Exam, which consists of a computer exam and a writing exam, before applying into the School of Journalism. The test is not easy and you have four tries to take it. On top of that, you must pay to take it. They also offer a Grammar Slammer to prepare you for test, but it does not help, so don't waste your time. Oh and this costs money too.


3) If you do not pass the Grammar Exam after four tries, you must then take a Saturday class for a few weeks. And this costs money too. Then you get one more try to take Grammar Exam. If you fail, you're out of luck. If you pass, you then have to take Writing Strategies.


4) When you take Writing Strategies, you will be required to take another Exam Grammar to exit the course. If you pass the exit exam and your cumulative GPA (from previous schools & FIU) is a 3.0, then you;re good to go. You should be able to get into the journalism program. If you fail, then you have to take Writing Strategies again.


5) Let's say you pass Writing Strategies, but you do not have a 3.0 GPA. Well you can apply for a GPA waiver. You have to put together a package including essay, resume, recommendation letters, etc. Just because you apply for a waiver does not mean you'll get in. And Believe me, FIU will make it very hard for you to get in.


They rather you change your major and take more classes, so their pockets can be full while they empty yours. Francisco Marrero & Theresa Ponte are two people who will try to make your life difficult in getting into the program or applying for internships.  Beware. Remember when Amy Donaldson says don't worry; there's a GPA waiver. I suggest you worry.


FIU does not care about your experiences in the business or how hard you've worked, all they want is your money. And I would not be surprised if some of the journalism teachers were getting a kick back for discouraging students so they can change their major over and over. Bottom line is all FIU wants is your money because their journalism program and teachers are the worst. Ask around, I have and all I hear are bad things. Wish I had heard this before I started attending FIU.



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