Gallashaw was allegedly second in command of a gang called the John Does — named for the toe tags of their victims — which terrorized the streets of Liberty City in the late '90s. In July 1998, he learned a drug pusher named Marlon Beneby was selling his own stash on the side, according to court documents. Gallashaw confronted the dealer outside a housing project around the corner from Liberty Square. As Beneby walked away, Gallashaw "shot him in the back," police reports say.

Chazre Davis — the husky inmate who sleeps in a private cell — was also a member of the John Does. His case began in July 1997, when a chambermaid knocked on the door of Room 24 at the Trade Winds Motel in Little Havana. She found a 32-year-old Liberty City mother of three named Cynthia Brown — Davis's longtime girlfriend — on the bed. The maid shook her, but she wouldn't wake up.

Cops soon learned Brown — the only witness to a bloody shooting — had been murdered. The reason: She was set to testify against the leader of the John Does. The case went cold for three years, until cops arrested Davis in 2000. According to the police report, he "provided [Brown] narcotics and alcohol in order to disable her" and then "smothered her with a pillow" in exchange for $10,000.

Chazre Davis
Chazre Davis
Patrick Michel
Patrick Michel

Eight boxes of court files, seven attorneys, and dozens of depositions later, he still hasn't had his day in court. His lawyer unsuccessfully argued last year that the case should be dropped because Davis was denied the right to a speedy trial.

Rumpole, an attorney who writes under a pseudonym for the Miami-based Justice Building Blog, says he has never seen a person wait so long for a trial. "At ten years, there are either extraordinary circumstances or bad judges and bad lawyers."

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