NT: I see in his phone records that he calls you a lot. What do you guys talk about?

RP: Just your typical friendly conversations. "Hi. How are you? How is your family? etc."

NT: Has Mr. Carasa ever asked you out on a date?

Pillow talk or phone sex?
Pillow talk or phone sex?

RP: No. Why?

NT: Well, some of his friends say he really likes Dominican women.

RP: Who doesn't? [Laughs.]

NT: Are you shocked that he's been arrested for making more than $70,000 in calls to the Dominican Republic that he wasn't supposed to make?

RP: Well, yes. Shocked that he was arrested. But I'm sure it's a misunderstanding. He didn't strike me as the type of person who would steal.


829-922-0673: Carasa punched those digits 96 times between June 22 and September 10 last year. A woman named Lizzie answered the phone. She would not give her last name.

New Times: Well, I'm calling to find out what you know about Cesar Carasa.

Lizzie: I don't know him.

NT: Well, I have his phone records, and they show he called you frequently.

L: This phone used to belong to my friend Karla. She knows him.

NT: Well, can you give me her new number?

L: I can give her your information so she can call you.

NT: OK. Do you know how Mr. Carasa knows Karla?

L: Karla owns a business in Santo Domingo that sells shoes and clothes. I think that's how she knows him.

NT: I see. Please give her my phone number.

L: OK, bye-bye.

Karla did not call New Times.

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