Sheridan stared at her for a minute.

"You're going to jail today for solicitation of murder," he said. "You're under arrest. That's an undercover police officer. We filmed everything that you did."

Dalia leaned forward in shock. "I didn't do anything," she said, repeating it over and over as she began to cry.

Dalia and Michael Dippolito had been married only six months when she was arrested for allegedly trying to kill him.
Dalia and Michael Dippolito had been married only six months when she was arrested for allegedly trying to kill him.
Dalia Dippolito
Dalia Dippolito

"Your husband is well and alive," Sheridan told her.

"I'd like to see my husband, please," she said.

"Nope, he doesn't want to see you."

Another officer came in to handcuff Dalia as someone else brought Michael Dippolito to the door of the interrogation room. Dalia did her best to look shocked. "Oh my God," she said. "Come here, please. Come here."

"I can't," he said as the officers led him away.

As the detectives began their interrogation in earnest, Dalia refused to answer most of the questions. She pouted, whined, and kept asking to call her mother. "I didn't do anything," she said. "I just want to go home."

Even when cornered, she seemed confident that her charm would win them over. "You guys are treating me like a criminal, and I'm not," she said. "I'm not. I'm not that kind of person. I'm just not."

They played the recording of her saying she was "5,000 percent sure." She listened quietly.

"Is that your voice on the tape? Yes or no?" one detective asked her.

Dalia was silent.

"I didn't exchange money with anyone," she told them. "I never wanted anyone dead."

A detective then showed her pictures of her meeting with the undercover cop. "What more proof do you need?" he asked.

Dalia later pleaded not guilty to solicitation to commit murder and today remains under house arrest at her mother's home in Boynton Beach. Michael Dippolito is free and rebuilding his life but is now being sued for child support by his ex, Karen Tanne. His finances are being scrutinized by both a private lawyer in that case as well as an assistant state attorney who is re-examining his restitution obligations. A spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police Department said there was no way to verify whether anyone there is still looking for Dippolito.

With neither Michael nor Dalia looking like model citizens, each of their lawyers has requested a gag order in the murder-for-hire case. So, after months of public fascination with South Florida's strangest newlyweds, it seems details of their bizarre affair will remain a mystery — at least until the case goes to trial. Dalia's lawyer, Michael Salnick, wrote in an email to New Times: "Anything said about this case or those involved will only be said in court."

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