The Miami Beach Police report about the burglary lists Bradshaw as a suspect, but it seems there was more than one person involved. The Beasleys' neighbor Dennis Larramendi told cops that "shortly after 12 p.m., he heard people going up and down the staircase and heard the bird," according to the police report.

A couple of construction workers who were digging up the alley behind the Beasleys' apartment building, near Third Street and Jefferson Avenue, informed Beach detectives that they saw three dark-skinned men loading up a late-model green Ford F-150 pickup truck with the couple's belongings.

Michael Beasley is convinced the thieves were tracking his whereabouts when they hit his apartment. "They took their sweet time," he says. "One of them even poured themselves a glass of cold water from a pitcher that was in our refrigerator."

Since the burglary, Beasley has been conducting his own investigation. He has visited several Miami Beach bars looking for Bradshaw or any of his friends. He and his wife have gone to the Opa-locka Hialeah Flea Market and pawnshops in Liberty City to pass out flyers.

"We came here to be closer to the beach," Beasley says. "We were going to sell our guns and buy a sailboat. We're still in shock and denial about what happened to us."

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