No Exit will run next summer on dates yet to be announced.

Peter Shaffer's Equus. Peter Shaffer's shopworn show experienced a kind of rebirth when Daniel Radcliffe starred — and famously exposed his Hairy Plonker — in a revival in New York last year. Shaffer's 1973 play tells the story of an adolescent boy who has somehow confused sex and violence, slavery and passion, and gods and horses, and who — for reasons explicated in some of the smartest, scariest scenes ever to hit the stage — ultimately wounds six of the very animals he loves in a hellish crime that nobody, save we audients, will ever understand.

Eglise Gutierrez in Lucia di Lamermoor
Courtesy of the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts
Eglise Gutierrez in Lucia di Lamermoor

Equus will be performed February 26 through March 28 at New Theatre (4120 Laguna St., Coral Gables), which is somewhat troubling. Very few really talented young actors have appeared on New Theatre's stage in the past several years. When it casts for characters under the age of the 30, too often its charitable instincts take over and the part is given on the basis of a young actor's, ahem, potential (read: sex appeal). Equus demands a good deal more than that. If New Theatre delivers, expect Equus to be arguably the most exciting show of the year. Stay tuned.

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