Her mother, Isel, admits she was too strict with Pebbles. She set a 10:30 p.m. curfew and made no exceptions. "She was a rebellious teenager, like most of 'em," Mom remembers, adding, "It wasn't like she lacked anything. We always had nice houses with pools."

While working as a stripper, she began taking Ecstasy, doing cocaine, and drinking. She chose the stage name Pebbles after the Flintstones character because they shared the same color hair. At age 19, she blacked out and awoke in the middle of sex with a couple she had never met. She asked them to stop, and they dumped her on the side of the road instead. She ran into an eatery for help.

After she worked for several violent pimps, friends told her about the mansion. Hugo liked her despite the cocaine addiction and invited her to move in. She lived there temporarily, and her young son stayed at the mansion from time to time.

Hugo Gonzalez ran a prostitution house.
Hugo Gonzalez ran a prostitution house.
April "Diamond" Guadalupe was the enforcer.
April "Diamond" Guadalupe was the enforcer.

Pebbles taps one of her French-manicured nails against her tooth and says, "I never liked dancing, to tell you the truth." Life at the mansion was better, she says. Hugo made sure her johns had been screened and weren't perverted or abusive. In fact, she can't recall a single case of an escort getting hurt by a client. "It was my safe house," she says.

If Hugo was a possessive father figure, he was also a cunning, meticulously organized businessman who ran the mansion with a strict set of rules: No johns or drugs inside. No talking to other pimps. No sex without a condom.

All the rules benefited Hugo. Women were allowed to have sex with each other but couldn't have relationships with men. Hugo, on the other hand, "would sleep with whoever he wanted" because "all the girls needed attention," Pebbles remembers.

The way Hugo tells it, he acted as a boyfriend to all the women. "Some pimps use fear," he says. "I treated it like a relationship. You listen to them and figure out what they need. Maybe one girl was neglected as a kid, so you give her attention... If you want something from them, you just ask." They almost never said no.

The house rules were enforced by Diamond, who prosecutors describe as the "bottom bitch." Anything Hugo wanted conveyed to the women, he would have Diamond relay it. She made sure nobody was being lazy or pocketing cash. "She was number one," Hugo explains. Jade and Giggles — who had been with Hugo the longest — were next in line in the unspoken hierarchy. They received the most attention and gifts.

Ladies were free to come and go as they pleased, but diary excerpts show they sometimes felt trapped. In an undated entry, Jade writes a half-poem in sharp, boyish handwriting: "So much rage/I am literally stuck in a cage/Someone has taken the key."

Diamond's penmanship is more bubbly. In her journal, she writes, "I love [Hugo] and this is his dream. I know I have to help him live his dream."

Using money from his hookers' tricks, Hugo paid rent on the home. He hired a computer programmer named Mark Alan Kiessling to live in the guest house and update the website. Girls were expected to work five or six days a week, with exceptions for sickness and STD flareups, but menstruation generally wasn't an excuse. Says Pebbles: "You use a cosmetic sponge. Trick of the trade."

Hugo contends, "There was no quota in my house. I never pressured the girls to work."

When escorts wanted material objects, they asked Hugo. He was usually generous, spending thousands on Louis Vuitton purses, breast implants, and jewelry. Many of the escorts grew up poor, and his "gifts" made them feel pampered and special.

He meticulously documented his expenses. In business files obtained by New Times, receipts are stored in brick-colored folders. He often scrawled notes to himself in his angular penmanship. On one piece of notebook paper, for example, he wrote, "Did dues," with a list of 24 girls below. He added abbreviated notes about their sexuality in the margin, such as "str8" or "les."

Another section, labeled "Hair," is filled with receipts for thousands of dollars in services detailing the escorts' physical upkeep: dyed hair, acrylic nails, hot waxes, and tanning. The receipts are photocopied and stapled neatly in the right-hand corner, with each woman's name labeled at the top.

He also kept a file with questionnaires for potential Newtothebiz.com girls. It asks, "Would you entertain couples? Do you have a car? Can you travel? Tell us about yourself..."

He even documented health costs: chlamydia tests, eye exams, and breast implants. "I was a bitch with benefits," Pebbles boasts.


Lead detective Tom Tundidor wasn't a suit-and-tie kind of cop. When he arrived at Hugo's home — two hours after the undercover bust — he wore casual shorts and a T-shirt. He could have passed for a high school football coach, if it weren't for the gun, the badge, and the 18 years on the job. Entering the home, he realized he "had never worked anything like this before," he says.

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I still can honsetly say ive never met a man more honest n kind hearted he changed people for the better n always gave chances to make ur life better if u wanted to n the lucky ones lived like stars


I loved hugo he was the best i dont care wat anybody says hugo always looked out n i never felt safer

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