Cuts Like a Knife

Lita Ford hasn't lost her edge — metal or otherwise — out of the spotlight.

On the surface, such lyrical content might seem like a surprise coming from a woman who lives far from civilization, homeschooling her kids — and who's also included a song called "Patriotic S.O.B." on Wicked Wonderland. But Lita Ford hasn't transformed into a female Ted Nugent by any stretch. "I am a little bit patriotic/conservative," she says, "but I think Jim is more so. That song actually wasn't supposed to be a Lita song, but then I was like, 'Whoa! Wait a minute! This song rocks! We gotta use this song!' It absolutely fits because of our new president, and the way things are going with that. It's our first black president, you know? It's a very right-with-the-times song. So it's got its place on Wicked Wonderland, even though it's not sexual. It's one of my favorites."

Ford's currently on the road with Queensrÿche, whose new release is the self-explanatory concept album American Soldier. Rather than do a traditional opening set, though, she's appearing with the headliners, singing three songs with them as her backing band. "I'm gonna sing with Geoff Tate, we're doing 'Close My Eyes Forever,' then we're gonna do a couple of new songs," she says. "Jim's gonna come out and sing, too. So it's not like I'm the support act or they're the headliners, it's a team effort."

Lita's not afraid to get dirty again on her new disc.
Tyler Clinton
Lita's not afraid to get dirty again on her new disc.

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Revolution Live

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Lita FordWith QueensrÿcheSaturday, November 14Revolution 200 W. Broward Blvd., Fort LauderdaleShow starts at 7 p.m., tickets cost $31954-727-0950;

She plans to assemble a band of her own for festivals and other tour dates in 2010, and who knows? It might turn into a full-on family affair. As Ford explains, "James is now playing guitar, he's 12 years old, and he shreds. He's doing great. We gave him a Goldtop Les Paul for his birthday a year ago, and he uses it every day. Rocco is into drums; he's only eight years old but he loves heavy metal and wants to play drums, so he's working with that. Yeah, they're little rocker kids."

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