A Healthy Blast of Filth

Sexual Perversity in Chicago takes a stand for sexual normalcy in Miami Lakes.

Again, none of this has anything to do with Mamet's vision, or the revelation about love and lust he was attempting to communicate during his own sexually perverse youth. In a softer, less antics-crammed production, we might pause to wonder what it means when Danny complains of his home life with Deborah: "Everything's fine. Sex, talk, life, everything...until you want to get closer, to get 'better.' Do you know what the fuck you want?" In other productions, that line comes across as the war cry of an eternal adolescent in chains. Here, it's all but swallowed. There are no fireworks in it, and it provides no opportunities for artful mugging. So the show goes on.

Left to right: Jehane Serralles,  David Sirois, Bertha Leal, and Travis Reiff
Left to right: Jehane Serralles, David Sirois, Bertha Leal, and Travis Reiff


Sexual Perversity in Chicago By David MametDirected by Adalberto Acevedo With Bertha Leal, David Sirois,Jehane Serralles, and Travis Reiff Through November 22 The Alliance Theatre Lab; 6766 Main St., Miami Lakes305-259-0418; thealliancetheatrelab.com

Acevedo and his actors lack the kind of hangups that severely restricted Mamet's characters. Their philosophy of playmaking is more libertine — more "if it feels good, do it." It's a philosophy that many have mouthed, but few have ever lived up to. Certainly, it's one that has never sufficed for Mamet or his creations. I say fuck 'em. SPC feels great.

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