Prices are as inviting as a Brazilian bikini. A bowl of black-bean stew is $3; soup du jour, onion rings, and croquettes cost $5 to $6; and the rest of the appetizers range from $8 to $14. The grilled meat starters for two run $13 to $25. Main courses are $16 to $28, the high number representing filet mignon and the feijoada para dos. Portions are generous, the fare is bulky, and the number of plates needed to sate is few. An "executive" lunch menu brings many of the same steaks, as large as the dinner servings and plated with mounds of starchy sides for $14 to $16.

Dessert offerings, $4 to $7, encompass familiar treats such as molten chocolate cake, tiramisu, and profiteroles, but the last are different from the usual round cream puffs. These come as two soft chocolate squares, angled in a martini glass, that are creamier, puffier, and airier than the archetype. And they are scrumptious. Lighter, more Latin licks are likewise proffered, such as papaya cream drizzled with cassis, guava jam paired with Catupiry cheese, and a champagne flute of limoncello swirled with lemon gelato.

Joe Rocco

Location Info


Botequim Carioca

900 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33132

Category: Restaurant > Brazilian

Region: Downtown/Overtown


900 Biscayne Blvd., Miami; 877-902-2224; Lunch and dinner Tuesday through Thursday noon to midnight, Friday and Saturday noon to 1 a.m., Sunday noon to midnight. Closed Monday.

Speaking English isn't necessarily the staff's strong suit, but service is warm and friendly, as is the general vibe. Botequim is the sort of place that might inspire you to linger over coffee, espresso, or after-dinner drinks. This is especially true weekend nights and evenings of events at the arena, when crowds pile into the restaurant, excitement fills the air, and festive patrons spill onto the outdoor patio and party like it's, um, 2016.

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