"Soon my grandparents had a string of good luck and within a year were able to save up $10,000 to open their own business."

Raquel's boyfriend, Raul de Douchebag, once had a pretty unique good-luck charm: a purple lace thong. "Back when I wrestled in college, I lost a bet to one of my friends, and the result was that I had to wear a thong under my uniform during a match. Which I did and ended up kicking my opponent's ass. So the match after that, I decided to try the thong on again, and whooped that bitch as well. I had such good luck when wearing that thong that I would wear it when I went out clubbing and would get girls' numbers and hook up left and right."

Raquel blushes and then chugs half a beer.

Wardell Brown

Location Info


Scully's Tavern

9809 Sunset Drive
Kendale Lakes, FL 33173

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: East Kendall/Pinecrest


Scully's Tavern: 9809 Sunset Dr., Kendall; 305-271-7404; http://www.scullystavern.com/

"But that thing backfired on me one day. I wore it during a match, and won again, but the next day I discovered a weird circle on my chin. Ends up I got ringworm from one of the mats. After that, I threw out the thong. I don't like to waste my time with anything that doesn't benefit me."

And as I catch Raul casually brushing his fingers against Raquel's left boob, all I can think is, Good luck with that one, hon.

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