Slayer Slashes into South Florida

With a new album, the thrash titan reclaims the metal world's throne.

Our inner soul! That's about it! [Laughs.] We don't set out to say, "This record's gonna be like this; our songs are gonna be like that." We just kind of write songs, and that's about it. There are no plans; we just kind of do it, and then how it comes out is how it comes out. We just take it day by day.

How do you decide when it's time for a new album?

We don't! [Laughs.] On this one, Jeff happened to have three songs he was playing for everybody, and our manager said, "Shit, why don't we go ahead and record an album if these songs are coming this quick." So it's usually [our management] going, "Are you guys ready to record an album?" That's basically been our recording career!


Location Info


Cruzan Amphitheatre

601-7 Sansbury's Way
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

Category: Performing Arts Venues

Region: Palm Beach County


Slayer: At the Mayhem Festival. With Marilyn Manson, Killswitch Engage, Bullet for My Valentine, and others. Wednesday, August 12. Cruzan Amphitheatre, 601-7 Sansbury's Way, West Palm Beach. Gates open at 2:15 p.m. Tickets cost $9 to $62:

What are your favorite tracks on the album?

Kerry's written some really good ones. I'm more biased; I lean towards Jeff! [Laughs.] Jeff's got some really great writing skills, at least music-wise. He's got some really great songs on this one. They're songs that are slightly different from what we've done, but they're still Slayer, know what I mean? They've got melody; they have huge dynamics in the songs. The songs take you on a roller coaster ride, which is really great.

I think there are two that are my favorites. One is the title track, which is "World Painted Blood." But the overall record is really good, and whenever we do a record, that's what we strive for — that every song matters, not just one.

How do you feel about your tracks leaking? "Psychopathy Red" has been kicking around the Internet for almost a year.

That one was fine — we put it out on the Internet. It was a giveaway song last year when we did a tour in Europe. People were buying tickets and we said we would give them a little code so they could get the song and download it.

Why did you pick that song as the teaser track?

It's the most true to what we do as the band Slayer. It's going on 30 years now that we've been doing this. And that song is letting people know that, hey, we're still Slayer. Nothing's ever gonna change with us.

What new material are you playing on the Mayhem Festival tour dates?

We're only playing "Psychopathy Red." We were going to play more, but we changed our minds. It's the song that's out on the Internet, so it's the one we want to play. We have really great songs that we don't want to expose just yet.

The last time you played in South Florida was at the same amphitheater in West Palm Beach, with Marilyn Manson. And now you are coheadlining the Mayhem Festival with Marilyn and his band. Are you all specifically friends?

That was the last time we really toured the States. We've mostly been doing shows in Europe and Canada, and recording this album. And this whole tour has been put together by Mayhem, so it's kind of like we were hired to do this show, and the offer was a great offer.

This time, we made sure things were taken care of, as far as the business of dressing rooms and stupid politics... There was an organization between us and the tour that could make sure that everything was gonna get taken care of and not gonna get fucked with! [Laughs.]

What got fucked with last time?

There was an issue with [Marilyn Manson's] crew. I'm talking about the people who run all the other things, like production, not the band itself. But there were two camps — a Manson camp and a Slayer camp — running that show. This time, it's even all the way across the board, and contracts were signed!

What's on Slayer's rider?

Beer. Chips and beer and a deli tray. Those things don't change.

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