Man Love

Up close and personal with Humpday star Joshua Leonard.

"I think as with many of us — certainly myself to varying degrees at different points in my life — Andrew doesn't know who he is. He knows that he wants more but doesn't necessarily know how to get it. He's become too aware of his own self-conscious fronts to even pretend like there's anything authentic about them anymore So, in many ways, to me, it's hopeful, but certainly not in a Hollywood way.

"It's like that place I was talking about in my own life, where everything I thought was supposed to work, that I thought I was supposed to do, just stopped working and blew up in my face. At the time, nothing hurts more, and in hindsight, nothing helps more."

Humpday stars Joshua Leonard (left) and Mark Duplass
Humpday stars Joshua Leonard (left) and Mark Duplass

I'm less worried about Leonard's own future. "Bar none, this is the most fun I've ever had making a film in my life," he says, "and in that deep-down way of trying to get to those seeds of truth underneath all the bullshit, it may have been the most challenging. But those are fun challenges, man."

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