Hakkasan's Haute Hong Kong Cuisine at the Fontainebleau

These Cantonese crowd pleasers can't be beat.

Because the cuisine is assertively punctuated with five-spice, red chili, dried shrimp, preserved bean curd, jasmine, soy, smoke, and the like, the palate craves a light, cool dessert. Hakkasan complies with a bevy of such treats, one of the best being ripe berries with gelatinous Prosecco and a melon-drenched quenelle of cantaloupe sorbet on top. A petite and peerless pandan leaf soufflé oozing lusciously within came subtly perfumed with the delicate jasmine/vanilla-flavored leaf; a knockout coconut sorbet was scooped on the side. Chocolate-banana fondant fizzled by comparison — the main component a petite but rich dark chocolate molten cake with nary a hint of banana; a small scoop of soft banana ice cream on the side barely registered the fruit flavor either.

Joe Rocco

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4441 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33140

Category: Restaurant > Chinese

Region: Mid/North Beach


Fontainebleau Hotel, 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 786-276-1388; fontainebleau.com. Dinner Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 6 to 11:30 p.m., Thursday through Saturday 6 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Closed Monday.

A mild letdown occurred upon the realization no fortune cookies were forthcoming (I know these are American, but that's the point). Then again, it doesn't take Confucius to prophesy that dinner at Hakkasan will bring many pleasures. It will likewise leave you fully sated — so much so that my only real quibble with our Chinese feast is that 16 hours later, I was hungry again.

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