It's Ladies' Night

And areolas, unicorns, and lots of low-rent alcohol make the feeling right.

"Free tongue piercing," says one, sticking her tongue, spiked with a purple gem, back inside her girlfriend's mouth.

Then I see a unicorn. OK, not really. I see a man leaning against a wall plastered with beer signs and sports paraphernalia. Henry, a lanky yet attractive fellow with thinning brown hair, is offended by the concept of ladies' nights. "I think it's bullshit," he says with a snarl. "Why do women always get special treatment? Because they're considered more beautiful?... I mean, look at some of the girls in this place... None of them are hot. I mean, some are doable, but I'm prettier than most of them. Where's my free drink?"

Wardell Brown

Now I understand the concept of ladies' night.

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