Spies in the Magic City

The Supreme Court will decide whether to reconsider conviction of the Cuban Five.

Now, the U.S. Supreme Court will have to decide whether to consider if Judge Lenard erred by keeping the trial in Miami. Interestingly, a passel of Nobel Prize winners including South African peacemaker Desmond Tutu, writers Nadine Gordimer and Günter Grass, and human rights activist Rigoberta Menchú have all sided with the five. So have a handful of Latin American presidents, the Mexican Senate, and lawyers' groups around the nation. Amnesty International called their treatment "unnecessarily punitive."

Though daily newspapers missed it, the Obama administration last month urged the Supreme Court not to hear the case. That's odd, considering the president has recently loosened travel restrictions to the island. Call it terrorism hangover.

However you look at it, the decision should have been made to move the trial from Miami. And most of these guys should have been cleared. Their crime was to fool the exiles. This is not spycraft. And by now, they've paid for their petty misdeeds.

El exilio — and Barack Obama — should drop the case, says René González's daughter, Irma: "The hatred these people have for Cuba is consuming them."

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