Order in Chaos

Artist Kevin Arrow rummages the world in a new exhibit at the Farside Gallery in Westchester.

From dancing Kachina figures to crowned skulls, wristwatches, unicorns, koala bears, Arabic text, Lucky Strike cigarettes, a turtle, a jester, and even Bob Dylan and a howling Allen Ginsberg, Arrow's jumbled imagery evokes the collective unconscious of his generation.

One of Kevin Arrow's ink-on-vellum pieces
One of Kevin Arrow's ink-on-vellum pieces
Kevin Arrow
Kevin Arrow


"Burning Bright": Through May 29. Farside Gallery, 1305 Galloway Rd., Miami; 305-264-3355. Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment.

"I see the drawings as what someone might capture as they were beginning to fall asleep," the artist says. At Farside, Arrow will unexpectedly burrow into your psyche and give you plenty to dream about.

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