Cop Land Revisited

A tiny town in North Dade has some kinda police force.

That claim is supported by a December 12, 2008 memo to Glansberg from Lt. Betsy Albert, who is in charge of maintaining the evidence room. "Ofcr. Mulero and I both went through several boxes and bags in the property room and still were not able to locate it," she wrote. (There is no indication that any specific police officer took the marijuana.)

Albert, who also declined to comment, has been with Biscayne Park for 18 years. She might have been involved in a mysterious 2007 crash, says Michael Marchese, who was a Biscayne Park sergeant at the time. In November that year, Marchese contends, a Miami-Dade County Public Schools teacher phoned the Biscayne Park Police station, complaining her 1993 Toyota Corolla had been struck by a town police cruiser on South Dixie Highway between SW 17th and 22nd Avenues. The cruiser had allegedly damaged a bumper and then left the scene.

Marchese, another of Hellman's clients, says he answered a phone call from the victim. "She complained that one of our cars had rear-ended her and kept going," Marchese recollects. "She wanted to file a complaint."

Lawyer Robin Hellman plans to sue the city on behalf of eight officers.
C. Stiles
Lawyer Robin Hellman plans to sue the city on behalf of eight officers.

Marchese says the victim described the hit-and-run driver as a female with blond hair. "There is only one female in the department, Betsy Albert, and she is blond." Marchese says he passed along the information to Captain Sanchez. New Times phoned the teacher, who declined to give her name. She says Sanchez called her several times and was "fairly intimidating. He claimed there was no damage to my car and that I should be aware that making a false claim against a police officer was a serious offense."

She gave up and had her husband fix the dent. "I was pretty flabbergasted," she says.

So is the PBA's Rivera. "Biscayne Park should just dissolve its police department and allow the county to take over," he says.

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